A chain is how to do P200 on the drainage technique


1. submission of the article must be the original

for many novice, contribute the way unfamiliar, general novice chain is nothing more than to go online to search for some relevant content, and then at the bottom with a link, and then to the high weight included good platform to do outside the chain, but these articles as well as being bad to see, what to draw traffic? My site is Shanghai dragon, so I spent about a week to find the top 20 platform Shanghai dragon industry, and then screened, so that: search outside, A5 Adsense nets, a push, push 28, laggards large Shanghai Longfeng exchange platform, this platform there is a benefit that can provide the submission, rather than posting, contribute the way has the authority, and the exposure rate is very large, and there will be many webmaster reprint articles, to help you release the chain, can Take a look at the picture since several groups: read more

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Sina blog seconds seconds update snapshot of how to make

said so much here for everyone to share my blog operation experience, careful friends will find me with this blog about Shanghai dragon is not particularly. This blog because I use spare time to take care of, but more than 80% of the A5 submission by post content quality, I dare say is hard to do for ourselves to live up to the audience. Many webmaster to Shanghai dragon as a work to do and I take it as a part of life, a large part of Shanghai dragon is writing articles and good writing is to communicate with the reader, will be his own experiences to share with other people. The webmaster should reflect on yourself is how to update the site, how to update the content is hard to do or to perfunctory search engine and do. read more

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