Online logging sites follow the footsteps of the blog model

online accounting site, and then follow the blog model,


online accounting or bookkeeping online is the first launch of the concept of 05 years in China, foreign is also slowly in early 06 launch of the online network of accounting, although Chinese puts forward the concept of online billing relatively early, but slower than abroad. From 05 to 08 years, the network model of online bookkeeping has been developing for more than 3 years, but it has not developed. Why,


said the online journal, have to say the blog, because both have many similarities, the blog mode is to write a diary of traditional people’s habits of using Internet tools to achieve, enrich the contents of the diary, greatly facilitate the people. The same is the traditional online accounting bookkeeping habits of people to achieve, through the network tool through the network, make the accounting mode diversification, and convenient, can also automatically generate analysis report, and automated billing and other functions. read more

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The new site deliberately optimized to bring painful lessons

Some time ago the

swine flu prevalence index is watched every day to soar, the highest as thirty thousand or forty thousand, related to the domain name has been registered by a space, I have a COM domain name, no use, so I want to pull out a so-called dumpster experiment, to see whether the number of points the so-called swine flu flow. Just do it, under the reform program template on such a website like some, and then go to Post Bar, and several spider is hot place to stay for a few links, basically put the website no longer say, occasionally see related news just a copy, such as a three days, two three days past the site is not included, seeing the index fell to more than 30000 from about ten thousand, haven’t included plans to give up the attempt, Baidu was on the fifteenth day was put out, a look at the ranking is also good, nearly twenty thousand of the index to tenth. read more

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Witkey website how to move forward in embarrassment

Took a Witkey website

last month, saying the Witkey website two years the market influence and visibility OK, then the thinking of this wave to make a fortune, who soon took over two months, registered members of less than 200, the number of bidding task is not ideal, then look at the number of trading industry old pig, really sigh is not good to do now really Witkey website.

, in fact, the gorgeous data does not represent the current development predicament of Witkey website. Any webmaster who has done Witkey website knows that the Witkey website is facing two transformations at present: read more

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Site planning how to pinpoint the theme of the website

          a good website, a real concern by users and popular website, not only beautiful, magnificent pages, it is more important to have an accurate theme, so that users can get or understand what he wanted on your website, he would often come to this website, the accumulation of popularity for the web site. Users are traffic, traffic is the site’s blood, with the blood, the site will survive long. The simple truth is like the students to write a composition, some students around a central theme to describe the whole sequence of events with a very simple language, and some students are to describe the same things with very gorgeous words, the results of gorgeous and not get high marks, because of his composition to the people the feeling is in the stack is to show off their gorgeous words and vocabulary are not really in the description of this thing. Therefore, we must highlight the theme of the site, not too much of the pursuit of beautiful and gorgeous pages, we should pay attention to content. Look at the websites that have been successful, and their pages are fairly simple and popular. Intuitive to the user feel good, if the page is too dazzling, but will allow users to flow away. Then, how should we pinpoint the theme of website in the early stage of website planning? Let’s take a look at what can be done to analyze.
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Talking about SNS development let your SNS have superhuman pulse

SNS everyone knows, SNS, full name Social Networking Services, that is, social network services, 08 years hot suddenly hot up, like a night pear open, ten million SNS fire up. came into being. From the initial BBS to later blog, the current SNS is a trend.’s original idea is to bring together people with similar interests. But how attractive, it is worth exploring. The Sns community by the thousands on thousands of survival of the fittest, and real success in just a few, how to make their own SNS with contacts, I talk about their own views, my own words, not the right place please criticism. read more

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Xiaoding choose the five episode of the domain name

when we are in the construction site of the first step is to select the host and domain name, the domain name and the choice of a good person is the same name, although not the decisive factor to the website, but the appropriate choice is certainly beneficial to the website. Well, now Xiaobian teach you how to choose a good domain name.

1. Domain name is short and easy to remember

The basic point of choosing a domain name for

is to be short and easy to remember, so you can remember the effect of the domain name when you see the domain name. For example China Unicom and China Mobile web site, if the choice of name words in general, it is difficult to be remembered, so China Unicom and mobile would consider it, directly to the number 10010 and 10086 choice, is a digital short, two digital is easy to remember. So, what are the options for domain names, read more

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90 students please leave a stand for your life

first self introduction, I am a 90 after the webmaster, is still on the high school, so, just use the usual rest time to do the station. I also know a lot of friends who are standing here, but most of them are not just one station. Two to three sites webmaster many, and there are many webmaster is dedicated to do garbage station for the industry, two hundred or three hundred are not unusual. Just need to collect, you can say a few minutes, there is a station. But what do we mean by doing this? Maybe it’s just to make money. I agree with this statement, do station, and ultimately on the road to make money, because to do the station to spend money, support station is an income. But making garbage stations is not a long way out. At least, in the long journey of life, should make a stand for your read more

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Lift the lid to her centered website analysis a

notes: This is not a web analysis problem, not even the "on-line" "line", it is a business problem.

from the beginning of contact with the website analysis, now, more and more people feel "human" as the core of the importance of website analysis. There is no statutory definition, I explain to myself is "through various channels (website analysis and non website technology) collected about your site visitors (Visitor) information about their demographic characteristics (demographics) analysis and research and behavior characteristics, and to analyze and optimize the marketing channel based on visitors understand the way of communication and website content". So here, the analysis of Human Centered Web sites is not exactly the same as the so-called user-centric. It has even exceeded the scope of web analytics and extended to CRM and business analytics. read more

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Content is king website development content is the key

, the vitality of a website is reflected in content, the content of the website is the foundation that decides website development. A content rich website, not only helps to be included in the search engine, but also to retain loyal visitors. Therefore, content is the top priority of the website.

home network in enriching the content of the site, has its own unique way. In the home network CEO President Zhang Fuxin under the guidance of the content of the site to increase efforts to improve the overall image of the site, to enhance the site traffic, but also for the site to retain a large number of repeat customers. read more

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Hefei transaction information network operation of local information network

was the first to introduce myself, I am Anhui Hefei trading information network in the Internet work station, has more than nine years, is still the first time you run a website that had previously been in technology now that website is not an easy thing. I am currently operating in Hefei trading information network can not say very successful, but also can feel, I almost did not how to take care of not too much time to manage the website, is the purpose of writing this article is the webmaster and exchange the experience, good now began to talk about my experience and plan, whether I have to pick up the flowers or brick ^_^. read more

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