Bowl game name stupidity

first_imgTom says:There are odd bowl names (think the Emerald Bowl. I mean, what kind of nut company wants to sponsor a bowl? Do they really think I’m going to eat some almonds after watching Georgia Tech battle it out with Utah?) and downright stupid bowl names (like the Meineke Car Care Bowl … that just sucks).And then there are bowl names that don’t make any bit of logical sense. The MPC Computers Bowl fits into this last category. Now, this game not only sounds really lame — labeling any football game after a computer company tends to have that effect — it quite frankly doesn’t fit. A game played in Idaho shouldn’t be named after a technology-based company (yes, I’m well aware of the fact that MPC is based out of Nampa, Idaho); the only bowl in the state should have a moniker that truly fits the state — one that contains a unifying concept. In this instance, that unifier is the tastiest legume on the planet: that’s right, the potato.For this game to make any sense at all, it should be deemed “The Great Spud Bowl.” And hey, if those in charge want a sponsor, why not go with the J.R. Simplot Company — a Boise-based corporation that produces three billion pounds of frozen potato products every year. Who knows, maybe even Mr. Potato Head would be willing to pony up to support having a bowl game on the annoying blue turf (sorry, it’s worn out its welcome in my mind) of Boise. Now that would just be cool.At least this bowl will have some sort of semblance of normality this year — Boise State is back for another home game after a two-year break. Isn’t it enough of a punishment for teams to get sent to Boise over Christmas? Throw in playing a true road game and you have one crappy holiday season.Now, Mr. Schmoldt is dismayed about bowls that are named after the cities in which they’re held — at least that makes sense. I won’t argue that isn’t a stupid sponsor to tack on in front of Houston … but the game is close to the New Year in its defense.So, until the good people of Boise wake up and demand a change, a change that will inject a little starch into the bowl season, any other name for this blue-turfed bowl takes the cake — or the spud — for worst (of course, outside of the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl).Eric says:The problem with bowl games these days is that they are like the Facebook: you can hold on for only so long before you have to join everyone else. And, thus, every bowl from the Meineke Car Care Bowl to the Rose Bowl has a sponsor now. I mean, the Rose Bowl, for pete’s sake! That’s absurd.But if there is one thing that makes me even angrier, it’s a bowl game that’s named after the city that it’s played in. I’m not talking Motor City Bowl — at least they use the city’s nickname. I’m talking about the New Orleans Bowl — which, with all due respect, is being played in Lafayette, La., this year. And I’m talking about the Fort Worth Bowl.But most unimpressively, my pick for the worst bowl name not called the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl is the Houston Bowl. Not only is the bowl not creative enough to name its game after something not the city’s name, but it has even attached an unknown, irritating sponsor to the front of it.Let’s start with the Houston part. I mean, I’ve never been to the great city, but there has to be something there worth naming a game after. Perhaps the Rodeo Bowl? I don’t know … there just has to be something.Then there is, perhaps even more absurdly, the sponsorship. Nobody knows what is, so I looked it up for you. Apparently it is “Everyone’s Internet” network, which you can purchase for just “10 bucks a month.” Wonderful.So, basically, you are telling me that if this bowl was in Madison and that if Charter Communications started offering less-than-ridiculous charges, we would have the Charter Madison Bowl. How creative.But just think if college football had to have a playoff system: the GMAC PureVision Credit Union Sheraton Champs Insight MPC MasterCard Nuts Pacific Life Gaylord Hotels Vitalis Chick-fil-A Meineke AutoZone AT&T Outback Toyota Capital One Tostitos Nokia FedEx College Football Playoffs presented by Citi. Youch.last_img