Point-Counterpoint: POY Write-in Candidate

first_imgMcGrath If I had a write-in vote for National Player of the Year, without question it would go to a young man with a tangled up name: John Bunch. Last year, after the NCAA Tournament I wrote right here in “Point-Counterpoint” that Bunch was the NCAA’s “Most Awesome Player.” Back then, I wrote: “In case you missed him, which is like missing the Sears Tower while in downtown Chicago, Bunch is a 7-2, 325-pound movie theatre attendant turned center for the Northeast Conference champions, with reflexes and a 40-yard dash slower than the Statue of Liberty.” I continued: “Do you know how much effort it takes to NOT be dominant when you are 7-2 and 325 pounds? It would be like trying to complete a Rubik’s cube with no hands. Despite the difficulty level, Bunch pulled it off, and not only wasn’t dominant, he was an encumbrance for the Hawks, playing 21 minutes and scoring only two points despite playing against a team (Villanova) using FOUR guards.” That was a year ago, when Bunch averaged eight points a game. Somehow, Bunch has managed to top himself, as only he could. In 2006-07 as a senior, Bunch has somehow become an even bigger waste of space on par with Camp Randall’s obelisk, as he now only barely averages seven points a contest. His assists, steals and field goal percentage have also dropped this year. Again, I point out that to play in the NEC, where Tanner Bronson would be a dominant post-presence a man who could pass for one of the Appalachian Mountains can’t average about a million points a game? It takes more effort and guile to be as pedestrian as Bunch at his size than it does to be a 20-10 man. Bunch would get my vote as Player of the Year for his monumental (Monmouth-mental?) achievements in mediocre-tude. Point: Bunch. Poppy While most are saying the National Player of the Year award will come down to Wisconsin’s Alando Tucker and Texas’ Kevin Durant. I, however, beg to differ. If I had a ballot, I would write in someone else, and for a valid reason. Tucker’s averaging 20.1 points and 5.4 rebounds while guiding the Badgers to a 27-4 record; Durant’s averaging 25.1 points and 11.4 rebounds as the Longhorns are 22-8 this season. My choice for POY: 6.8 points and 5.7 rebounds, and his team has a 20-11 record. Now, I know my selection may not stack up to Tucker and Durant solely on numbers, but let me explain myself. Michigan’s Brent Petway has been through a lot. Since arriving to the University of Michigan, Petway has endured three straight disappointing seasons that have resulted in NIT berths. The senior forward has never averaged more than 10 points per game and only started five games prior to this year. After cracking the starting lineup this season, nothing has changed. The Wolverines started off hot, only to collapse and will probably end this year with another NIT bid. Nevertheless, Petway is still my Player of the Year. Petway’s preserved through adversity and has become a better person because of it. While the other POY candidates have NBA futures ahead of them, Petway’s got plans of his own. The Wolverines’ senior forward is an aspiring rap artist. Don’t believe me? Google “Brent Petway rap.” Here’s a little sample of his song “No. 1” … “We play in Crisler Arena, where the hoopers at/ The post men, the high flyers and the 3-point shooters at/ NIT 2004, other teams pursuing that/ Dunkin’ on these lame cats/ A.G., why you doin’ that?” He’s already got a nickname (“Air Georgia”) and cool hairdos (did you see that Michigan football helmet cut?) — give him the Player of the Year already! Brent. Petway. Is. No.1, No.1.last_img