Attorney General visits USC as Senate race ends

first_imgCalifornia Attorney General and U.S. Senatorial candidate Kamala Harris spoke at the “Her Story: Kamala Harris” event that took place at Ronald Tutor Campus Center Monday evening. The event was hosted by Womenspeak USC, USC College Democrats and the USC Political Student Assembly.Harris discussed the importance of voting and youth leadership, as well as the issues on her platform, such as immigration reform, gun control and criminal justice reform. “Right now, whether you realize it or not, your leadership is some of the most important leadership we have in this country, which is the leadership that has always come from students,” Harris said at the beginning of her speech. “Every great movement has had, as a key component, the leadership of students.” The event was co-sponsored by the Black Student Assembly, the Women’s Student Assembly, the Latina/o Student Assembly, the Asian Pacific American Student Services and the Asian Pacific American Student Assembly. Nick Fiorello, the USC College Democrats political director, said the event came together by collaborating with groups across campus that represent different communities and interests. “We are so thrilled to have this opportunity. We are so grateful the campaign was able to make this happen the day before the election,” Fiorello said. Fiorello said the group is hopeful Harris will win tomorrow. “We are so proud to have a progressive champion like Kamala Harris here tonight,” Fiorello said. “We are so excited to see the results tomorrow. We are confident and hopeful that she’ll have a very strong win tomorrow, and we will have a tremendous advocate and candidate for Californians in the Senate tomorrow.”Madelynn Taras, the assistant director of the Political Student Assembly, said the main reason for bringing Harris to campus was to encourage students to vote right before the election. “We wanted to bring Kamala here to remind everyone that tomorrow is the big day, to keep posted on the news, and to make sure to go and vote, whether that means physically going to a station or mailing in,” Taras said. Taras, a junior majoring in international relations, said the groups who organized the event tried their best to make sure as many campus leaders as possible could be a part of bringing Harris to campus.“Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican or voting for Kamala or not, she’s a really good inspiration and a really great example of a woman who has probably been told ‘no’ many times and who’s kept persevering throughout her life to become our possible next senator,” Taras said. “She’s just breaking numerous glass ceilings, and it’s really inspiring to have seen her at USC.”Taras added that due to the large number of people in attendance, some students had to be turned away at the door. For Taras, this was a testament to the passion of those who would make time on a Monday evening to meet Harris. On the other hand, she wished that everyone was able to participate in the event.“When you do political events, there’s always the thought in the back of your mind that there could be some backlash, some people that don’t agree, whether or not you agree with her policies,” Taras said. “The respect that people had for her tonight was really inspiring.” Michela Boarnet, a freshman majoring in public policy, commented on the event.“It was a slow start, but once she got up on there and started speaking, I was really impressed by everything she had to say and her composure when she was on stage,” Boarnet said. “She talked about a lot of great points that are viable issues in our generation.”For Boarnet, student engagement in political events is necessary for the future of society. “I think it’s really great that the organizations who put on this event were able to get her to come speak for us, especially with this upcoming election,” Boarnet said. “We’re really the ones who are affected most by it, so having these political leaders on campus to serve as catalyst for voting and becoming more politically involved is really a good thing.”last_img