Why Cruise Ships Aren’t Headed to the Bahamas to Help Dorian Victims

first_imgJust hours after Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas and veered away from South Florida, many people started asking, “why Miami-based cruise lines are not sending cruise ships to the Bahamas to help the victims?”“I would love to see Carnival, Norwegian, Disney and all the other cruise lines send a couple fully equipped ships to help the Bahamian people recover from Dorian,” wrote someone on Instagram.It is a great idea but cruise line company officials say it’s simply not feasible for safety and logistical reasons. Instead the companies are donating millions of dollars in relief to the Bahamas.But sending cruise ships to the Bahamas to feed, shelter and provide other necessities to those who survived the storm can’t be done right now, according to officials.Safety is one concern. Seaports in the Abacos aren’t large enough for the mega-cruise ships. And ports like Freeport that are large enough to handle larger ships are dangerous to navigate as the storm may have displaced objects hidden underwater that would prove damaging to the ships.Other issues include future cruises that are already scheduled and booked. Ships sail a continuous weekly schedule of voyages that are often completely sold out to those looking to vacation on a cruise.What would happen to those who have already spent money on travel to South Florida to board a cruise ship? Or people who have arranged time off from work? Or spent weeks or years planning getaways with family and friends? A seemingly minor concern.And we are all encouraged to start visiting parts of the Bahamas untouched by Dorian’s rage to help residents there who continue to depend on tourism for their livelihood.last_img