first_imgESPN blogger kstickles569 had this to say; “[The] Steelers defense was a pathetic, absolute joke. They got torched by the worst QB in the league. I’m ashamed to be a Steelers fan right now! They overlooked this team; they thought they could just come out and win without trying! No. 1 defense my [email protected]%, Pathetic! Lebeau needs to retire. The old man is stubborn and unmotivated. No adjustments at all in the game! I’m glad [James] Farrior knows this loss is 100 percent on the defense!”Well Mr. “Stickles,” I almost wholeheartedly agree with you. Almost everyone had a part in the most hideous loss I have seen since covering the Steelers in post season play. What about clock management at the end of regulation? What about Big Ben taking a sack during that same series? What about the pick deep in Steelers territory? There should not have been an overtime period. Steelers Hall-of-Fame defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau made no “real” adjustments in the secondary after their atrocious play in the first half.A sportswriter colleague and friend of mine called me after the game and said; “even though the Steelers Nation is sad, there is a great future with Big Ben and that stable of young wide receivers.” Well as far as I am concerned, the future is now, well it was until the Steelers just decided to “show up” in the “Mile High” city expecting to walk out with a win. I don’t get it. Why wasn’t more emphasis put on rotating the outside linebackers because of the thin air, even experimenting with a 4-3 D-line to put more pressure on Tebow?The Steelers lost to a team that was supposed to be inferior. There are people, fans, and knuckle heads that not only want to attack the incompetent play of the athletes, they feel it is their God given right to do so in this new era of the “Tea Party.” It is OK take potshots at a player, personal attacks indicative of the nasty mood that the country seems to be in. Instead of pointing out a few of the Denver play calls that fooled Steelers linebacker James Harrison, e46mpower was spewing out this acid tongued garbage which had nothing to do with the Steelers loss. “Anyone remember when Harrison left his pitbull at home alone to “babysit” his infant child? People expect this Neanderthal to “understand” rules.” Gstyle24 continued on with the nonsense. “How about when this nut job didn’t want to go visit the President after the Steelers Super Bowl win [Super Bowl XLIII over the Arizona Cardinals] for the reason, “it’s only because we won the Super Bowl.” The Steelers lost a playoff game so now the emperor gives a “thumbs down” in the coliseum.The Steelers had a flawed, imperfect season but through all of the coaching gaffes, the Ben Roethlisberger “drama,” the fumbles and blown assignments, they still almost pulled it off. No one expected Tim Tebow to throw for 318 yards and two touchdowns against the Steelers, the Alabama Crimson Tide, the now defunct Schenley Spartans or Obama Prep Universal Life High School or whatever name they have decided to label this “multi-purpose” Pittsburgh Public Schools learning facility.We cannot forget that the other team gets paid to play too! The folks in this region had better get the snuff and chewing tobacco out of their mouths and realize that “dem dere Stillers” are not going to win every game and if they did it would be boring as hell and why would the other team have a reason to show up? Take a moment, gather yourselves and tip your hat to the team that was better on a specific Sunday. Give props to a young man, (Tebow) that seems to be according to everyone around him not only wearing his religion on his sleeve but practicing a spiritual lifestyle in this world filled with carnage and flesh plying his trade in the violent unforgiving world of pro football. I suspect that maybe, just maybe Jesus might be on the “main line” when Tim Tebow picks up the phone to call. How else can you truly explain some of his victories? I know that I have jumped all over the place in regards to this piece of work but hey it is 1:45 a.m. and I am delirious after my last dose of Prince ‘Theraflu’ which seems to be sitting proudly in the court of “King Vicodin”. Gotta go now, getting……zzzzz.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or 412-583-6741. Bruce is also the NFL/AFC North analyst on the “Odd Couple Sports Show” streaming live on Fox Sports radio; WCWA 1230am, Toledo, Ohio, Wednesdays from 11-11:30 a.m.) There was a myth of gargantuan proportions being circulated around the NFL that Denver Bronco’s QB Tim Tebow could not defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers with his arm, wrong. I continue to be at a total loss for words after this highly unlikely victory by this unlikely team and its beleaguered quarterback. Tebow looked more like an All-Pro winning a playoff game against an experienced playoff team that almost no one gave him a chance to win.last_img