Brasanac: “I’d rather play behind closed doors than not play”

first_imgWhen it seems that the training of the football teams could be about to resume, the red player, Darko Brasanac He appeared at a press conference by videoconference to analyze the current situation of Osasuna.As for how he is managing not knowing when the competition will return, he said: “We are used to receiving a lot of information about the coronavirus in general. We hope that these figures begin to drop. I am used to this. I’m doing what I have to do, spend time with the family and see if they confirm anything else for us. ” The Serb claimed that he is looking forward to resuming the routine: “We are all looking forward to it. We have talked and are looking forward to training again, doing the normal things that are done in one season. We are doing a very good job at home because we know that it is important and that we have to be prepared to come back and then everything will be easier ”. Luckily, no serious case of Coronavirus has touched him closely: “Luckily I have no one around who has been affected by the virus in a serious way, although I know that many people have had a very bad time. It has not touched me close and I have not felt fear. We all know that we are a very good group and everyone at home has fulfilled what the club has asked of us. ” In case of returning to the competition, the players would be subjected to the COVID-19 test beforehand, regarding what they said: “There is a lot of talk about this. I understand that if the Ministry of Health says that we should be tested, anyone else can do it. A month or fifteen days ago there were not so many options to do tests but now, from what I have heard, there is more ease to do tests and if Health authorizes it, we will do it. It would be a way to control who is or is not infected or who has passed it ”.Everything indicates that everything possible will be done to finish the championship in Spain and regarding this, he says: “When the virus is controlled we could return to normal little by little, in life in general and in football. Many people want to see football return. Everything is very rare without football. We spend a lot of time playing or watching soccer, although I know it is not a primary need. ” The return would be behind closed doors and for Rojillo: “Soccer without spectators is not normal, but this situation has never been experienced either. I in Serbia played games without an audience and it is very rare. It is also not good to be at home and not know when you are going to play a game. SIf they give us a choice between football without a hobby or that there is no football for a year, I prefer to play behind closed doors. We all know what El Sadar is and what the hobby means to us. I hope that next season the fans can return and that they will be in Primera and in a new stadium. We want to play to see the fans in Primera again. ”Darko also referred to the return to training: “We don’t know when it will be. Until we train in the field we will not really know how we are. When we resume training we will see how much we have lost and how much time we would need, although it will not be much. It will not be a normal preseason. We will train alone or in groups, we will see. We have not been on vacation, but we had no margin to do some things, such as ball work, space… ”.last_img