Taylor Motocross Club hoping to buy back local track

first_imgRob Fuhriman is with the Taylor Motocross Club, and he says on the previous occasion, the club took control of the land the track was on as it freed the District of any liability issues.“The District and I came to an agreement that it was better for us to own the property,” he says. “Motocross is an inherently dangerous sport, and nowadays, liability is a big concern, and the District saw that coming, so they offered us to buy the property. The District has always been really good to us.”It also meant the society, which has since been resurrected, could make whatever changes it wanted to it.- Advertisement -Fuhriman and the organization have a number of ideas for improvements to the track, especially for safety.Becoming a member of the club means riders are covered by insurance, but anyone else on the track could be a liability.“Right now anybody can go on at anytime, and we really don’t like that for a number of reasons,” he explains. “What if someone goes on when it’s extremely muddy and gets hurt, or what if they go on near dark, what if they go on with their car? We’ve had all these issues before. Normally you’d become a member, and that covers liability issues, so what we would do is we would fence, and gate it, you buy a membership and get a key. Then, only paid members can use the facility.”Advertisement Taylor District Council has ordered a report on Fuhriman’s request, to be presented at a future council meeting. The club already maintains the property, taking care of everything from cutting the grass and weed control, to repairing the bleachers and working on the parking lot.That all comes at a cost, which, if the District allows the club to buy back the property, could be offset by letting Telus install a tower on the property.Councillor Brad Filmer says there could be several pros and cons to the plan the District needs to look at, like whether having control of the land is in its best interest.“What happened is the society didn’t maintain itself, and there was a danger of losing [the land] back to the Crown, and it’s created quite a kafuffle for us to get it back at least into our legal land title,” he says. “At the same time, from our perspective, there is some liability that would go along with that, and perhaps it would be better that the Club take that.”Advertisementlast_img