Benkirane New Government Will Be Revealed After COP22

Casablanca – Abdelilah Benkirane, current Moroccan Head of Government since 2011 and leader of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), has stated that no announcement regarding the composition of the new government will be made until after the end of the COP22 climate conference in Marrakech.In a recent statement made to the press, Benkirane declared that no formal agreements have been made with any of the political parties aside from the PPS and the Istiqlal.Benkirane further said that his party “doesn’t want the RNI (National Assembly of Independents), with its 56 seats, and the UC (Constitutional Union), to position itself in a way that will push the Istiqlal party aside.” Several parties have also not been vocal about their plans regarding the new government, like the MP (Popular Movement Party) and the USFP (The Socialist Union of Populist Forces), who have yet to make a formal statement regarding the government make-up.In terms of those excluded from this conversation, Benkirane has expressed time and time again that he is not in favor of the PAM (Party of Authenticity and Modernity), the PJD’s main competitor in last October’s elections, taking part in the new government.In the elections that took place on October 7, the PJD party won with 99 seats, while the PAM party followed closely with 80 seats. The PJD has been leading the government since 2011, and this is their second time they obtained the majority in the parliamentary elections.