Facebook might be working on VoIP calling ahead of Facebook Phone push

first_imgFacebook is already the most popular social network on Earth, and it’s instant message and IM systems are so relied upon that Facebook will soon be opening them up by doling out official @facebook.com email addresses associated with every account, directly challenging the likes of Gmail and Hotmail in the webmail space. But is Facebook about to do the same thing, this time competing with Google Voice or maybe even Skype? At least one sign is pointing to yes. A leaked screenshot posted to the Daily What clearly shows a ‘Call’ button alongside existing options for text-based chat and messaging on a Facebook user’s profile page. According to the What, the functionality briefly appeared yesterday, then quickly disappeared… long enough for someone to take a screenshot, but not long enough to test the functionality.It’s an interesting development especially in light of the fact that HTC plans to unveil two Facebook branded Android phones next month at Mobile World Congress. Early rumors have suggested that these phones would have Facebook calling ability alongside Facebook IM and messaging, but it’s been assumed that this just meant Facebook would plug into the Contact system of the Android operating system somehow. Maybe, though, Facebook has a more dramatic feature up their sleeves? [UPDATE: Facebook just denied they licensed Facebook software to HTC, so it looks as if calling functionality — while possible — isn’t officially coming to branded smartphones anytime soon]Read more at The Daily Whatlast_img