You love from Shanghai included in the harvest of what

so because your website is not included in the love of Shanghai brought you some sad? You don’t need to worry about that every day to love Shanghai is not included in your site.

on the other hand, began to build a website, a very real problem is the webmaster must be clear to accept, is a period of time began to set up this website, obtained from the search engine where the traffic is not too much, almost is very little, so every day to his home without site necessary, love Shanghai every day why not included my website and worry is not necessary, this is the webmaster should pay attention to the novice. The webmaster heart is very clear, very dangerous and undesirable, no value is a website traffic comes from search engine. According to my opinion, reasonable is a site 30% of traffic from search engines, not too high requirements, prepare for your future, even after your site is search engine K, in terms of traffic to your site is basically not much loss, can also support your web site better.

do not have to love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon



I was browsing the forum every day, "I found the website in Shanghai not included, my site is not being in love with the sea K, web site keywords ranking of how I was gone, site could not find the home page" and a series of such problems is the most frequent, these stations are long is asking this question, but think of you, how much traffic in Shanghai love, if not included and not included in the search traffic from the love of Shanghai, so the webmaster do not have a day for the love of Shanghai not included your site and anxious worry about

is a real China in the mainland market, occupy a very large search market is love Shanghai, but the Shanghai dragon is not to love Shanghai, some people may not be aware of, get over it, I just love to Shanghai, Shanghai, that my purpose is to do what Shanghai dragon? The answer to this question is: to our users and the Shanghai dragon, I believe this is a development.

I always consider the question: how much you love from Shanghai included in the harvest of what? I love Shanghai in the website always included normal, but why love Shanghai site from search traffic is almost zero

remember that in my blog just set up at the beginning, I almost never care about my website is love Shanghai included, very clear thing, recently built website, no rich content, even if it is love Shanghai included, there is no love Shanghai traffic is only what you can do every day to someone else’s blog, to browse to learn to communicate, because the number of times I went to many, the only way is the new source of traffic, if you often walk behind closed doors, no network, no more left his footprints, so there will be too many people know that in the universe the network world, you are such a website.