How to optimize the network company orders more difficult to avoid failure

Shanghai dragon after so many years of development of the domestic, large and small Internet companies we are relying on too many to count, the search engine to life. However, the lack of core competitive advantage of our algorithm in, a slight fluctuation in the company will have a turbulent, light is the site keywords ranking drop, while direct K station or drop right. Always used to imitate the so-called experts to share online, always accustomed to past experience fetters, website optimization is difficult to have their own unique kind, saying, "shares — concept is a stumbling block to many small and medium-sized network development company. Hear the Internet.

as the saying goes, "we also have their own heat", in order to adapt to the increasingly fierce competition in the future, the optimization of the prospect of the industry can not be predicted, the up-to-date progress in skills. In the face of change master optimization algorithm, the algorithm is not speculation tend to focus on the content changes, but the thinking algorithm transform, website optimization and how to adapt and quickly find effective optimization strategy of the new. We always see in life, whether it is a large-scale K station or drop right, or large-scale changes, some websites can always keep without being affected in the home, what is the reason? I’m afraid of operators and industry related to olfaction and combat experience, always sniff the algorithm change direction, ahead of the prevention in the website optimization, most of the webmaster complain when they have a number of ruthless algorithm earned money. So the network company to reduce the risk strategy right is not to escape, but to improve their skills, fundamentally eliminate the failure occurs, you will worry about customers for

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algorithm to change the love of Shanghai foreign chain audit is becoming increasingly strict, especially the introduction of Scindapsus algorithm, let many before through the chain ranking strategy failure. The station and user experience does not have a unified standard, and operation of the risk but many Internet companies need to grow with each passing day, the site responsible for the results, if the rankings do not come up with compensation are likely to face, not only before the work is not conducive to enterprise development and health. Therefore, some enterprises in order to give up part of the insurance business, although have to damage the image of the enterprise, indirectly tell customers their own optimization skills.

An Internet company

today I chat with Zhengzhou in the group that is currently increasing in optimization, cost increase and early cannot be predicted, many Internet companies for insurance purposes in order to always love Shanghai index over thousands of keywords to take the attitude at a distance. Under the wise and learned that, before the site optimization is not so good to do, in order to reduce the risk of the enterprise or sound good. For these doubts Internet companies worried, but enterprise wants to earn lots of money and how to refuse to send home customers? This is probably not enough idea and optimization skills not confident, according to the current situation of the dragon to talk about his own views.


so, a formal and powerful network company, and how to accept index keywords without fail?