Novice to do Shanghai dragon most likely to cause analysis of several problems of search engine

is currently a lot of Shanghai dragon Er lovers with the rise of e-commerce have been added to the optimization of search engines in the industry, for the development of Shanghai dragon will undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting the good, but beginners often in the understanding of the part of search engine optimization of zero knowledge can not wait to be broken to use their own the website, it is because there is no attention to detail other problems result in a lot of friends in the optimization process of the emergence of keyword selection errors, often modify title similar kinds of mistakes, the result was punished by the search engine, how to effectively eliminate these unnecessary problems when the site has just set up. The following we analyze several key points about the construction site at the beginning of the novice friends to remember.

first, because the web server. The most obvious manifestation is to be anxious, because of its economic problems for the sake of cheap, buy virtual space low price quality is not stable, the space in the short term because the price really is very attractive, is the choice, because I was before the beginning of the purchase of similar foreign space, because the the server closes the lead author of the two air station property, to the backup site can not find the shadow of the space, so I recommend choosing quality slightly good commercial space points, the best choice of the main machine of the province or their friends, at least when a problem can find the place. Because the optimization is a long-term thing, just started because the server’s reasons affecting trust the user experience and search engine of our website on our website is the website in may The loss outweighs the gain., slightly improved when such a problem is who are not willing to see, for the novice is more vulnerable.

third, the distribution of keywords in the article. Many beginners know the anchor text is one of the factors to enhance the website ranking, the correlation is very important in connection, etc.. This view is correct, but how to apply to practice, guide the behavior of our correctness, it is often too. The author suggested that each article anchor text should not be too much, outstanding one to two, not a single anchor text point to your home page, according to the relevant website page layout and distribution.

second, the content of the website quality problems. Novice friends especially do some Taobao customers in order to increase the novice friends included, often do some original articles, in fact, this is very bad, the site from the beginning to do so will undoubtedly greatly reduce the website trust in the search engine, while the latter tend to pay more effort to make, and effect often not at all. I suggest new sites, mainly in the original or even every day just to write an article to do, but because of the personal writing ability, pay attention to the quality of the article, the user should not affect some scrambled experience, this article even included in will soon be deleted again, do we focus on optimization is to keep everything. So it is hard in the beginning, website, open a good situation for their own website, for the latter part of the maintenance will be very easy.