Love Shanghai search bully the new site you caught

holy crap, their hard to write by other website after use was collected, and their own blogs are not included, even included, when keywords for retrieval in Shanghai love also displays the family links. A recent investigation successively found naturally or half unconsciously such problems. This phenomenon for the new station is estimated that many owners have encountered.


as the search leader, love Shanghai into more than one. A test in 360 and Sogou, index for my website and show their love in Shanghai than a lot of good, but too few people, this is not the most significant. Shanghai love to see your site is less than half of the new station, the whole content is not many, even think that the core content is not clear, even if there are a few good articles is not too much, look forward to the author more articles to improve the quality of content. Furthermore, I love Shanghai, the site of the weight is too low, not enough for a certain reputation, efforts to attract visitors, not a user base, maybe a long time will increase to a certain extent, remains to be seen. There may be a point, this is a disguised form of encouragement, urge you to bring more work, to give your users a better experience, this search crawl love Shanghai deliberately temporarily relax about your new blog ranking efforts, perhaps the time can change everything, it is important for you to persist in the end.

some plagiarism website with my article, but leave my name and address, some websites is not as a moral, direct plagiarism, even quite lazy title a word has not changed. This article has several features, the length is relatively long, the central idea is clear, the expression of ideas in place. In fact, love also love Shanghai like this, just love Shanghai and some other considerations and will temporarily bully the new station.

is one of the most obvious manifestation is the same to the original article, not content. As the above said, his writing an article well on their own blogs, or even submit url didn’t get a lot of search show, but others "copy" on its Web site quickly included and get good rankings. In fact, this for the new webmaster, can say is a small blow. As each site operators, are well aware of effects of original content on the website of the Shanghai love, love the original, but every one of the original is not easily won want access to the search engine, recognized by the good rankings.

love Shanghai treat new temporary not too friendly and what are the manifestations of

website ranking erratic, let the webmaster have heart gaunt. The ranking of the site which may be erratic, including the old station, often in some cases. But the new website is especially good, after comparing the old station.