Part of the website construction service provider’s bad habits

1, no work address, no fixed telephone. Said the first work address, write a few road number, online search, "everywhere Ningbo website" is this address, we all know our industry basically in the office, is a few road number a few rooms, why not publish their detailed address, most of the reason is no office address, customers have to pay attention, no office address, pro, you know! There is no fixed telephone but also very good understanding, no office address is no fixed telephone. Pro, so even the office can not afford to rent the service providers, personally think it is better off.

3, theft of other companies work, carefully read this kind of website construction company, you can see more false, company profile photos of the environment is not the team photo is another, your website is also copy the other home, he is to give the customer to do the site, even their own the site will be copied, this sort of company is really shameless, to discredit the regular website construction work ah, of course he provides website construction works most of them are not their customers, seems to have no bottom line.

and our customers to keep their eyes open, please let the other party to provide a business license before cooperation, tax registration certificate; provide a copy of the contract of the old customers, if you have time, please be sure to examine the other company, the ears, seeing is believing, pays attention to the above several spots can find the website construction service quality.

2, there is no registered company, is a casual online check, some companies are not registered, the company name is false, also known as what set up more than 9 years, but look carefully is a Swindlers Company, no credibility, with what is called false dare companies away from the fake Disease enters by the mouth.. This kind of company can not provide invoices, false invoices, is another company.

4, ultra low price competition, often with super low prices to attract customers, of course, they also want to make money, said to be customized website templates for alternative web space where cheap where the enterprise mailbox is the same, where the minimum is said to be completely unaware of the customer, customer service service, let him provide a door-to-door service such as pictures, is not a tail, then get them on the phone, not shutdown is not connected, you can take me, you have to pay.

see some website construction counterparts in the destruction of the industry, that is the sad and helpless, had to write what, want to have little effect on our customers, so that customers spend less money, less take detours, there is little power for small and medium-sized enterprises, today, pointed out that part of the website construction services company the bad habits, the convenience of customers identification:

5, the harassment of customers, this kind of website construction company, a scale is quite large, the name of a certain company Ningbo branch, the day hit you 10 to make a phone call, send your N messages, not to do such a thing to change, not to sign the bill. Customer pain.