Now how to cater to the search engine website optimization

some websites in order to cheat hits, specifically with no related words and some web content to do the title keywords and description, this not only increase website jump loss rate, but also lead to the search engine on its weight reduction.

breadcrumb navigation can not only facilitate the search engines crawl and identify further, can let the user know the "location", increase user friendly operation.

Although the four. ?

search engine development trend of human nature, such as love in Shanghai now refer to the user browser inside the cookies to give the search results; 360 "thumb search plan", the user decides ranking. The Shanghai dragon ER has become increasingly difficult to determine the enterprise website search presented in each user is the same, but the need for a transitional period, many enterprises still pay more attention to search engine optimization. If a website to the search engine is friendly, so is this website easier to search engine users to search, make the enterprise information more widely to show to the search engine users. Now the Shanghai dragon Er to avoid what is not friendly to search engine

is now a lot of enterprise website construction site in order to reflect the overall visual effect, love with a large flash file in the web page. While giving people the visual effect is very good, show the website more atmosphere, but it will also slow down the speed of the page load, on the other hand caused by the trap on the search engine, search engine for the text of this flash file cannot be identified and the connection can not determine its correlation.

although the search engine has to capture the dynamic URL, but the website optimization point of view, or try not to use dynamic url. Because of the dynamic URL is generally the depth is deep, the search engine is static or pseudo static URL URL more convenient to capture.

and other "transition page", "bridge" and "hidden text", the 302 jump, jump, jump, Javascript Flash Meta Refresh jump and frame structure and so on.

, flash

is not related to the title and content of

is now a lot of enterprise website in order to increase the viscosity of the user, to collect user information, add registered members on the site of love. When the website members visit the website will have a unique Session ID page content in many cases is the same, just behind the URL ID does. This will make the search is not friendly, it will think that most of the content of the website is to copy and paste. In order to prevent search engine capture this page, can put these pages into the robots file.

two, Session ID

five, no website breadcrumb navigation

three, dynamic url