How to prevent the site flow beyond the solution space

the network company with the source is a supermarket website source, Dr. network vulnerabilities, is often added to the malicious code, the black chain, causing the site often included some bad information, very hate. Moreover, some people will send malicious registration information. I often see a lot of audit posts in the background. So, before the station encountered many times flow beyond the problem. In order to solve this problem, I put off the registration function, also do not allow the.

a few days ago, my home broadband telecommunications exchange fiber, three days without the internet. So, my blog Shao Lianhu three days not update the content. However, when three days later, I found that my blog traffic was over, I wonder, I wrote a blog for more than a year had not exceeded the flow, this is how it happened?

I give customers a forum, this forum will flow beyond the bottom of each month. No way, I will find a flow beyond the space business to empty traffic, and empty traffic charges. The space to clear up traffic will tell you if the traffic is not enough can choose to upgrade package. An empty traffic two times, I also put the forum write permission to shut down, but found the background can not log in, don’t know what the reason is.

I can say this blog for more than a year, there is always someone malicious comments, I will delete a lot of malicious comments every day. Reason is the flow over too much cause, although I don’t know why people don’t comment on success will waste flow, but also through my examination will show the. However, it did not show the comments could flow is a waste of space.

I opened my blog background found more than 100 comments without audit, feel should be the problem. I seldom comment on this blog, but every day there are malicious comments, the audit is a hard living. In order not to let the malicious comment too much, I closed more than five days. A few days ago I was afraid that someone did not want to comment on the law review, to open all the comments, so these three days will have so many comments.


does not know the webmaster have encountered such a situation, we in the establishment of the process, often find some strange site will not open, then there is a page on your site, space flow has been exceeded, please contact the space business upgrade packages or empty traffic.

Shao Lianhu spent four years as a webmaster, during this period, had done business forum, and personal station station. For the forum, often flow beyond question, don’t know where. Moreover, even my tiger network company is a showcase class website, also should be beyond the flow.

this afternoon, the customer came to me, said the forum flow over, asked me how to do, whether you need to upgrade. I really do not know how to do, if you want to upgrade packages, this forum is 1G, now use 150M, which need to upgrade package, and this is a waste of money? "