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the last time, I wrote an article about the quasi Adsense site a few suggestions on A5, was published after I excited for a long time, and looking at their hard to write the article was the websites say a taste. Thanks to A5 for busy all day on the Internet webmaster affirmation, I am also here to the webmaster friends say, work hard, you can be sure. Today, I would like to share with you about how to increase the site included his own site in the process.

collected from the construction of the chain of

, I often see many of my friends complain anxiously: my station is not included? Even some friends had to give up the idea. So this time we must calm down. Many find their own reasons. The so-called Neiwaijianxiu, we can just check the internal structure in this time next. For example, the only URL URL path length, dead links, 404 page settings, create a site map, check the robots file layout is reasonable, keyword density, and browser compatibility testing, here the webmaster can on their own station comprehensive Shanghai Longfeng detection using some webmaster tools. Then we will regularly update your own website, of course, can also submit to the major search engines, if the station was not included in the short term, do not be discouraged, always believe that it is only a matter of time, everything would be okay. A good webmaster to do not give up because unmoved either by gain or loss, a temporary setback, also not because of momentary victory and forget.

station is not simply on the matter. For a railway station, the chain is of course essential, "the chain for emperor" this is a lot of Shanghai dragon from the mouth often a word, shows the importance of the chain. Especially the high quality of the chain, it is effective to solve the problems included. I used to do a station, due to the revised several times, resulting in Shanghai included a problem of love. Do some junk the chain is not what improvement, finally made up my mind to some of the large weight high website to do a few outside the chain (of course this is to spend a lot of time and energy), results in an increase of nearly 100 included in a Shanghai love big update, I happy day. So I suggest you Adsense more carefully do outside the chain of high quality, the chain, must pay attention to the quality of the number, do not blindly pursue. The chain, not only solve the problems included, but also enhance the website weight, the all up weight to say.

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say that the importance of the website Links. High quality Links can indeed enhance the site’s weight, rankings and included. But too many links will not only lead to the link field may, at the same time because it is not a good monitor each other website, probably because the other site punished by guilt punishment; therefore Links is good quality chain and Links must be always in monitoring. The establishment of Links me >

increase the site outside the chain, enhance the website weight