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, a true optimization for the site itself, rather than the search engine

relative to the search engine optimization, the author may be more recognition of website optimization. Because the website optimization is the key point of the site is built on the basis of improving the website quality, rich content of the. Site optimization itself not only for the search engine, and more user oriented. In the website itself efforts, including promotion of website content, but also from the server, the domain name, as well as efforts to guarantee the safe operation of. The website can quickly open 24 hours, and rich in content will attract visitors to visit the website or search spider. External factors through the internal functioning, while the site itself is the internal quality of the site itself up, the weight and ranking naturally slowly rising.

everything has a degree, the idiom too far is speaking the truth, things done instead. In the process of website construction, through the website optimization is always so. From the perspective of the search engine, it certainly does not want the presence of website optimization. Because it interferes with the search engines determine the weights of the website. If not love not love website optimization, website optimization excessive, for the black hat and the optimization is hateful to cheat.


I had once pointed out that "in the A5 user experience into the website construction and document >

two, excellent content oriented user always, rather than search spider

is either Google or love Shanghai, have clear-cut that the Shanghai dragon attitude, is to encourage and support for the website optimization standard. But I think that, from the perspective of a search engine, excessive interference to the search engine optimization will be normal weight assignment. Because it appears in the search engine, website ranking decision might only have two: either the rich content of high quality, can obtain ideal natural ranking; either the advertising model and higher bid, so as to obtain the ideal ranking. There is a search engine more tangled things, if most people are inclined to website optimization, it ignores the search engine for the advertising, and the search engine’s main income is from the auction advertisement. Search engine optimization since it is not love, or not love excessive optimization, then we will have rich web content. Based on the above content search engine, in any case is cannot do without content.

for search engine optimization, how much some "cheating" composition. In view of its essence is through the search optimization on search ranking rules, using the algorithm of non mechanistic, malicious to cater to the standard weight. If only to cater to the not for, but a lot of website construction and now the production company, more time is used in a flagrant way to cheat in the exams. Like the black chain rampant now, and before the madness of a brush and so on. Even if the original is false, is actually a kind of cheating, deceiving the ostrich approach, the final damage is only yourself.