Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng workers love algorithm adjustment will be how to deal with

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: to create a new keyword in the title of the site, the key is often our brand, if your website is like before that such as Tianjin Shanghai dragon, Tianjin website promotion, website or other titles, for these titles, love Shanghai generally are second level, not to you rose to a new height, that is not going to give you a good weight, we know as the A5 station network, home owners and so on, these are the brand, through the name we know what is the content of this site, so we need to create a new brand, which is new keywords

two: after the brand building, it should try to let the love of Shanghai approved, although very difficult, but there is always the first step to let love Shanghai included new keywords you, then let the love Shanghai snapshot to update your website, and search the new words after your website the ranking is the first, then you can conduct a comprehensive promotion, this promotion is mainly for brand promotion, let the brand nature love Shanghai to clear your website, so keep your website ranking

update is now love Shanghai algorithm is very fast, this is because now there are many senior Shanghai dragon cheating methods, these methods for the love of Shanghai for a moment, there is no way to completely eliminate, so love Shanghai can only by the improvement of the algorithm, as far as possible for the black hat optimization method against Shanghai dragon and constantly adjust these algorithms will also affect our use of white hat optimization method of the website, so change several times this year in Shanghai are greatly loved algorithm against a lot of small webmaster! Then I do love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the

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three: This is the best way to promote the text in the article, a lot of reflect your keywords, such as I am by posting on A5 to carry on the promotion, with their own brand keywords in the title, and the article was reproduced on the network, naturally there will be a lot about your brand keywords. This is very helpful to improve your brand of love Shanghai website

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now love Shanghai more focused on brand and reputation, if it is a small station through the long tail word to the site of the rankings, basically will fall, the long tail word only some brand website pages appear on the home page, for example, the online part of this kind of keywords, many of the original row on the home page now the site’s ranking has dropped down, most are on the front page of the portal website pages or the nature of the brand, to combat this algorithm for small owners in nature is great, because we use the hot words to these brands and stand competition it is certainly compete, if you use the long tail word, love Shanghai not to row home page, this is really very difficult, so we have to solve this crisis? According to the method of the best love is to build their own Shanghai algorithm Brand website! How can build a brand