Shanghai dragon from the template talk how to be a template for optimization

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URL changes

interface is not only for the Shanghai dragon optimization, because each site has its own characteristics, so do change when the template interface is more important is to establish their own brand and image, achieve uniqueness. If our interface and others repeat, so this site must be in the market brand this piece has been lost. In addition, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon, on the one hand reduce repetition is very important, the interface changes, then the repeatability will greatly reduce.

finally and one point we emphasize is the URL structure, URL structure not only for Shanghai 3

before starting today is, first of all to see a map, this map is a poll, the forum topic is: "do you think the default web site template adverse impact on Shanghai’s big dragon?" can be seen from the chart, most owners believe that the adverse effects of the default template for Shanghai’s Dragon big. So, make your own template is imperative. In addition, the default template in both functions and interface may not meet the specific needs, so the problem is more in need of the template. Well, introduced in the text.

now with the development of various types of CMS, many webmaster do website uses the CMS program, which can save development time and a lot of technical problems, so the establishment of the threshold reduced a lot. But with the CMS large, repeatability is also more and more high, the Shanghai dragon optimization also some unfavorable. So many webmaster in website promotion before the start, the first task is to replace the original template, a template with search engine optimization. Then how to meet the optimization of Shanghai dragon

now the search engine has good grasp to the CSS and can read it, so a stereotyped repetition of search engine is not friendly, so when the template reconstruction, CSS is sure to change. The definition of the label, class, ID style and digital re adjustment is a necessary work to reduce repetitive. CSS code written in accordance with W3C standard, JS code package, which can do after the completion of the code layer different from others.

default template function on the website is a standard, but for different industry site, specific requirements of the website function is different, such as news, the partial biased picture type, partial download type, so the necessary function in the delete delete, the increase of from the point of view, Shanghai dragon, must take the important contents are placed in the front position, while making good use of reasonable labels, tags can largely affect the weight of web site.

forum voting map: whether the default template has adverse effects on Shanghai dragon


and JS CSS reconstruction

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