New Shanghai dragon exploration advertising statistics

another important function is to update the query keywords >


at this point, you can spend at least 2 times less than the others, they can do the same work easily, Why not??

will continue? Method will certainly have better, so the author in the process of constantly exploring the found that there is a very good tool which can realize this function, that is the noble baby launched a keyword editor (Shanghai love is the same, today in the baby as an example to explain), the standard name for the Adwords editor, this software is put into use, I believe that many Shanghai Longfeng ER surprise, because it makes our job easier. Next, let the author to share, use about this tool;


has just entered the Shanghai dragon in this industry, Shanghai dragon’s work is not easy, every day in addition to publishing the information in this article, the maintenance of the Forum blog, but also the management of love Shanghai, noble baby advertising, sometimes even queries through the webmaster tools, pay attention to the website daily dynamic; a day to finish so much work, sometimes really feel a bit powerless, but for the novice Shanghai dragon, this is also a process to go through


later with the passage of time, write their own speed to find more and more quickly, the soft quality also gradually began to improve, the work efficiency is high, but the only constant is love, Shanghai and noble advertising statistics baby speed or the same as before, still did not find what the new method. And sometimes the data is too much, not only need to spend a lot of time, but also very easy to get wrong, make people dizzy, do not have to take the good leadership group;

The fourth step:

The second step:

download Adwords editor, enter the noble baby account username and write the password, you can see the following interface:

into the interface, you can see the ad group and all of the keywords you create in the noble baby in advertising from the left side, select the ad group needs to be adjusted after the commencement, as shown below:

The first step:


issued after the update is complete, close the successful update tab, you can enter the noble baby ad page, view the keywords updated content;


In fact,

third: you can select any keyword to modify, such as keyword matching type, keyword bid keywords modify a series of operations, once done, click on the upper left corner of the release: ", can complete all the attributes set of keywords, as shown in figure