n the face of love Shanghai once again attack the owners how to stick to their positions

love Shanghai already shot, the first thing is to modify the title if you love Shanghai, the word will be covered later love Shanghai, I suggest the best is to modify a title, can go to query the site keywords heat, combined with the actual site in modification, such as you want to do a local travel website, then you can add a word in the local name, for example Hainan tourism, you can modify the title as "tourist destination – Hainan travel network, I think after this change, your site is the opportunity to show the contrary is not reduced, but also increased the number of.


love Shanghai as a domestic search engine, the user use rate is high, the webmaster also love Shanghai as the first domestic development direction, and in the evening I love Shanghai found the word "Shanghai dragon" the results are not satisfactory, and the results for more the webmaster is a challenge, we first see a picture:


second. Quickly improve website ranking

allows users to collect your website


website ranking can not always be the same, this time let the user becomes very important on my website, as long as your site is good enough to attract people, I think there are still a lot of netizens will collect your website, especially for some information or technology website because of this, as long as the site is really useful, a lot of users will not to mind taking the trouble to come to your site here, I suggest that if you feel your website good enough, bright.

first modify site title

search for the word "Shanghai dragon" in Shanghai search engine, the first is no longer a website, but love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, from which you can get a message that Shanghai is likely to be in love after love love Shanghai, Shanghai encyclopedia, know love Shanghai, love Shanghai Post Bar also launched a dictionary the new function, that is the face of every word in the first to seize the best opportunity to show, in the face of this situation, as a webmaster, how should we do?

love Shanghai this time shot, not only to seize the first so simple, or take the first Shanghai dragon as the object, now love Shanghai products ranked in the home has reached four, I think a problem, if a few years later love Shanghai products has a monopoly on the first page of their own, we have do the necessary? And now the key is tenth websites should decide on what path to follow? Love the sea will first monopoly, tenth websites are only down to the second page, I think this will make many webmaster feel unwilling, hard to do a word to love Shanghai home page but, suddenly one night back, is very sad, so here in order to prevent the emergence of this situation, we must quickly improve website ranking, resolve the dilemma.