The chain is useless so many webmaster caught unaware of the truth

on the chain, also don’t want to explain what, I believe we all know. I do not know when, "the chain useless" slowly spread in the Shanghai dragon industry, gradually have a tendency of "three tiger". Some time ago I do Shanghai Longfeng proposal report in a company involved in the construction of the chain of this one, the company responsible for the project questioned said: "I heard that now is not outside the chain of no effect?" he does not really understand Shanghai Longfeng, just to have a smattering of, can put forward this problem from the side we can see that the "chain of useless" has gradually gained.

can’t be denied that love is indeed Shanghai officials also had this statement. But the statement to the statement, we have serious concerns about the signs? Love Shanghai repeatedly suggest the webmaster should pay attention to the construction of website, improve the user experience, don’t spend too much time in the chain, and has repeatedly stressed to weaken the role of the chain to Shanghai dragon. But the truth? Really love Shanghai said, the role of the chain is really not as great as it once was? The answer is No.


, a too superstitious authority. I remember when I was in primary school, listen to the teacher, the teacher explained what happened in any case have to be completed, my father often jokes: "the teacher put a fart is fragrant!" as a Shanghai dragon Er, some suggestions on Shanghai’s official love is indeed helpful to our website optimization, but really to exactly as it is said to do? At least I think at this site outside the chain was an exception! Why do I say this? Let me finish!

do not know if you have not heard of the "three into a tiger"? About the story is that: the street had no tigers, but three people at the same time that saw the tiger in the street, so listen to the people on the street really thought for gospel truth, a tiger! The story mainly tells us a truth: the rumor was said more, people will be as a matter of fact. This story has borrowed the opening, because I think the next to speak with this too similar but

love Shanghai said outside the chain has been weakened the influence of the rankings, suggest the webmaster in website user experience efforts. We really understand the intention of love in Shanghai? I’m not guessing, I actually think it a conspiracy strategy that is love in Shanghai. You see, Shanghai love on the Internet is based on the massive information resources, where do they come from? "


I have been convinced that the chain still plays an important role in the love of Shanghai in the ranking algorithm, and through dozens of different sites were compared and ranking factors, except the domain name age, website structure, website content, the chain is still an important factor affecting the website ranking, the quantity and quality of the chain still a vital role. If so, why there are still a considerable number of people think that the chain is not what effect? I have carried out a series of analysis as follows: