Site emergency change the space after 301 on the website ranking



I mainly analysis from the following aspects:

second, check Links, because this is the reason of the routine. But carefully checked Links, found no problem, link exchange website is the regular site.

I have to say that our website on the replacement space is not fully prepared to do, I have to admit that love Shanghai on 301 redirect reaction so quickly. I’ve underestimated its efficiency, see love Shanghai is constantly in progress. But the improvement in my cause incomparable pain, also can be said to be the company’s website suffered punishment SE sworn revenge.

on Friday, due to the server space, the company website for the website space, it is the weekend, to put the technology website source code, upload again and so on a lot of, is to have a good rest this weekend. I am responsible for the site of Shanghai Longfeng, returned to the site without any problems after the new space, I just want to change the space, processing speed is very fast, there should be no problem. I’ll Pidianpidian work.

Saturday night after coming back, the habit of site, domain took a look at the site, the frightened me, when the site: web site, home page disappeared, I was on the mongolia. This is for what? Site several times and did not see the home page, check the next love Shanghai weight and included entries, all can not find the rankings, ranked one hundred and eight thousand behind! At that time, my first reaction was: "love is finished, sea K, was the boss scold dead!"



no way, had to quickly find the reason to remedy it, who told me it is operation specialist.

first, the first consideration is of course, replacing the space but I find another website and our company website together with the replacement of completely not the case, so the reason is not established. (in fact, the replacement of space is not affected so much, even said that the impact can be ignored, this is my experience).

what is the reason? Don’t add three W page no problem? Is the 301 jump?! immediately check the status of the HTTP, the addition of three W and three W without the page is the return status code: 200. It is for this reason that.

third, since the chain space and have no problem, I had no idea, the domain command checked the chain, the chain that are normal. No less. What is the reason? Can not explain, suddenly thought is not a plus three W homepage will K off? Well, immediately fell in love with Haicha, but found no results with three W homepage is live in love Shanghai!