Postpartum weight loss products website actual documentary two



– the home website also note that the page needs to be updated frequently, in order to ensure the spider often come to your site to crawl the content, then update the ratio of how much, my experience is 10%, that is to say the home page to ensure that more than 10% of the text is updated frequently, such as the list to replace, update the article the home page is updated, natural.

third, website page revision

in June 8th, A5 had sent a postpartum weight loss website revision planning report (贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110608/350527.shtml), today a implementation, without further ado, get to the point.

– pictures of ALT notes, must fill out the website, many users, this are ignored, in fact, now picture annotations, which can not only improve the love of Shanghai home page keyword ranking, but also in the image search can also have a good ranking

second home website

When the

interpretation: according to the latest Shanghai love word segmentation technology, the main vocabulary, postpartum weight loss, how, method, Li baozi, slimming products, slimming, fast and safe, the ten key words contain, and contains two postpartum weight loss, including three times, reflects on postpartum weight loss pay attention to.

, the title of the first revision

website entitled: postpartum weight loss, postpartum how to lose weight? Li baozi slimming products, rapid weight-loss drug

– if the title is the top of the Pyramid, so the top home is Pyramid, so for the first revision, it is particularly important, the original home page, contains too many useless words, these words will only reduce the ratio of keywords in the home of the. Do optimization, the emphasis is on key words to write, and write out things that are appropriate to each user, increase the proportion of home page keyword in the title, in order to improve the page title keyword ranking.


The implementation of

website, entitled: postpartum weight loss, postpartum weight loss, postpartum weight loss products – Li baozi how

– page title, whether it is collected, or write your own, do not search engine title already exists, write the title before, to Shanghai in search of love, if have, appropriate changes in search, so far no know.

– the first thing to say is the web address of the inside pages, the best control in two layers, such as postpartum how to lose weight is 贵族宝贝***.cn/rh/4.htm, a maximum of two layer two layer directory directory, small website is enough, if the portal, you can consider three layer directory structure.