The details determine the success of website optimization in the chain is the fundamental

Changsha Shanghai dragon wrote website optimization process analysis, a detailed description of the site optimization process. However, a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master mentioned Website Optimization Website optimization is to know the essence of these eight words, that content is king, the chain for the emperor, many people put these eight words wrong understanding for the content of the website original to the more the better, the chain the more the better site, but often overlooked a key role restrained Optimization Website optimization.

chain for the Emperor: the search engine ranking four points according to the most important web content: 1. 2. 3. 4. user experience of the construction of the chain directory. The third point is the chain of the role of the chain for the emperor also reflects the importance of the chain for the website optimization. In order to improve the search engine rankings, must extend some of the more stable to external links, the high quality of the external links. Of course, the number of the chain is not the more the better. More is not necessarily a good thing. The key is that the quality of the chain of

The content and the chain

here from two aspects to analyze how to optimize the internal chain of several techniques of

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: content is king survival website is the content of the site quality, provide high-quality cyber source to the user browsing is the basis of a website! Along with the rapid development of Internet, various sites rise, highly repetitive and predictable4 has become a big hidden trouble, and even cry up wine and sell vinegar! "To improve the user experience. Has become the key of website construction and survival, let users find yourself looking for things, can is the basis for the existence of a website to obtain valuable information from the website! Original content is a web site to retain users, establish good reputation! Website content can be the original, can be reproduced, but not the original is the more the better.

the weight of the website of a website is important, but to see a Shanghai dragon optimization personnel skill, it should start from the details! Usually in website optimization details, the optimization of the chain, is often the key, then what is it within the chain? Easy to understand, is the mutual link between the same web page, this does not include links to outside the station, but the internal links between, so called in the chain in the chain optimization result is to make the site within the chain do not have a dead link, do not appear disorganized, let the spider untraceable, this shows the importance of optimization in the chain of

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is in the write time in the text as much as possible involves keywords to our site, and to add the anchor text links in key words. This website as a whole inside a huge network of relationships, our website is very conducive to spider crawling, when spider crawled when one of the articles, it will follow the net easy to grab another article, and then the increase included in the site. In addition, optimization the chain, but also pay attention to the site within the chain if there is a dead link, need to do on the 401 page, to prevent the spider in the web crawling out.