Case analysis why website page rank higher than the home page

we are thinking in the optimization of the web site back, if your website home page ranking is very good, the layout of the key words will do the home page, the keywords you want to do the inside pages ranking now, but you can not start. So this decoration website needs to solve the problem, it is the place you need to learn. The weight of the inside pages than home high, so you can do the inside pages of the rankings. Of course, the premise of the inside pages of keywords to not like home, weight or will fight each other website.

here you are if you think the problem is found, the internal links can removed the problem corrected analysis to end time. This is not what to watch, also lost the Xiao Quan write this value.

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  in Shanghai love search "Chongqing decoration companies" ranking in the home is

Specific performance:

problem: part of keyword optimization, pages in the search results appear in the page is. That is to say within the website page weight is higher than the weight of a home, for almost 6 years old domain name and PR4, unbelievable. How will the inside pages of the first page of the weight is higher than. But the ranking is not stable, today may be in the first home page, the page at N tomorrow.

keyword is keyword optimization, should appear in the search results page is the home page, the inside pages instead of /zhuangs.asp.

  the five site navigation, in addition to the decoration company directory, the other four are at the bottom of the navigation station link.


all the links to the /zhuangs.asp directory. Look at the collection sites, before a collection of nearly 1W, recently dropped some. On average, 4 navigation each navigation if there are 1000 pages, then the 4 navigation is 4000 pages, more than 30 anchor text pointing to the /zhuangs.asp directory under each page, also is the weight of 1.2W anchor text links all point to the /zhuangs.asp directory. This power is fierce, which is why the web page layout keywords, the search results page causes better than home page ranking.

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