A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis effect whether you believe it or not but do believe after


I know the

A5 website was first in 2012, when the job is to do the film promotion station, then there is no strict A5 Management Forum, so I basically are to lead spider, then my forum account was permanently banned, haha. I was engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work began in November last year, for about four or five months, although there are some key words up, but there are a few words have been hovering in the third page not before, at that time did not know what the reason, just feel the ability is so far, no matter how hard they do not go. Also aware of their knowledge of Shanghai dragon is very limited, in a white state, more aware of their interview when the company installed zhuangby is made. Think, if the site has been such a state, even if the leaders do not say, I’m sorry, there may even be dismissed.

however, the face of the status quo, I began to find some that make their Shanghai dragon to enhance the ability of team learning, the Shanghai dragon training institute basically have to understand, there are hundreds of thousands of charges, one of which I just a little bit to make money. Finally, I can not remember how to see the A5 marketing service (Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis because the A5 account was created after rarely go to the forum shopping, shopping can not comment, do worry. The results come in) at first, A5 is a large site, in the brand trust, and as long as the execution place, can effectively implement the recommendations for the diagnosis, almost no problem what effect. So, this let me feel at ease a lot. Then, I and the A5 did Shanghai dragon diagnosis case read all over, my heart itch. But I personally do things a bit too cautious, so in the case of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis effect of access to a variety of A5 what about a week later, I began to contact the A5 marketing of Shanghai Longfeng Engineer Huang Zhong, and consulting some problems related to.

(a bit shy, I hit the mosaic ~)

A5 in the diagnosis is not before, I plan to pay on their own: if you can pay the fee after all is their lack of ability, not only will not lose their pay can also upgrade the Shanghai dragon skills in the shortest time. But later, when I have a detailed understanding of the later, I feel a little bit difficult, I have a job, doing this is not long, no savings, not to mention what you do pay Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis. Finally, the problem is that I want to do this to enhance the diagnosis of Shanghai dragon website, but how can I convince leaders do this diagnosis? And the leadership of the Shanghai dragon is not quite understand, similar to the A5 these Adsense website does not understand. Therefore, the leadership in diagnosis of this site are skeptical, it is a bit difficult to persuade him. So I think with a few days, write a simple application of hundreds of words to (in order to improve the chances of leadership through my application in the application with the following drawings, dirt, etc.) is very upset results.