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source: Qing Studies Center,

in February 2015, the first reading magazine printed the paper. Lin Chufang then left to join today’s headlines. Ming Yu

, the money is in hand,

even if the completion of the financing of entrepreneurs is no longer like the past burn subsidies, how to use cash flow in the hands of players is the primary consideration. Getting money from prudent investors is even more difficult, and mergers are also an option in order to survive in a competitive environment. For example, Chen Chi’s short rental industry, ants short rent, Ctrip and where its pension apartment business in a few months and incorporated into the way home. For example, the short rental of pigs and the United States closer to the group, and some small range of mergers and acquisitions are also under consideration.

layoffs, bankruptcy, merger, if last year’s winter capital this year, "Dong" is like "winter solstice", do not know how long to ice. But in fact, in the winter of capital, capital has not decreased, but it has returned to reason.

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one family who calls "conference / financing driven company CEO suddenly admitted that the company had no money, announced that the future will no longer burn; after a 95" magical girl "business failure, financial fraud, embezzlement and other questions to" drop altar"……

branch of the research center data show that from the point of view of market segments, the first half of this year, including angel and VC, early investment market in the first half of the investment activities intensity decreased, the number of investment cases and the amount of investment of a double down". The number of investment in VC dropped by 33% compared with the same period of last year, and the amount of investment dropped by 12.5% compared with the same period of last year. The venture capital market became rational and the investment stage was mainly in the early stage. However, the maturity of the start-up enterprises to raise a large amount of money, such as chain home network completed 6 billion yuan B round of financing, the U.S. group review also completed in the first half of up to $3 billion 300 million financing.

this year is still cold, some companies quietly shut down services, some companies in an effort to seek transformation, "is currently in transition, the new business will soon be on the line, then we respond to the media attention" of the visit, the so-called new business, but has not come.

in June last year, the stock market cold menacing, two Starving people fill the land. Soon after, the primary market has been swept, venture capital circle quickly cooling, the past star industry "O2O" was seen decline, some Internet giants Baotuan heating, announced merger.

TechWeb reports July 11th news, according to media reports, today’s headlines, vice president of public relations business Lin Chufang has left, and its future may be involved in content entrepreneurship. TechWeb to verify today’s headlines, yet received a reply.

" entrepreneurs are uncomfortable, and some quietly fall down. We have many investors in the hands of the past, the case encountered difficulties, the risk is great. What feels around is that the capital is relatively cold, and everyone is watching." "Piggy short rent CEO," Chen Chi told Phoenix technology.


Castle Peak capital founder Zhang Ye believes that is still in the capital during the winter. But capital winter is not simply refers to less capital or less projects. In fact, there is still a lot of money in the market. Only in capital cold >

data show that the forest side in February 2015 joined the today’s headlines. Prior to this, Lin worked as editor in chief of "see the world" and senior editor of "Southern Weekend". In 2011, he began to participate in the preparation of the first reading iRead magazine. In 2012, he participated in the establishment of the 1st reading media and served as president and producer of the first reading media.