For some love Shanghai optimization can effectively improve the keywords ranking operation mode

the love of Shanghai, the main reason is the love of Shanghai is the highest frequency of the domestic search engine, bring the flow is the highest, so love Shanghai optimization is good or bad directly determines the whole website traffic and conversion rate, the author in the process of optimization of Xi’an Lantian the love of Shanghai jade network optimization found the following sex Shanghai search engine is very necessary to understand and insist for a long time to do, do these sites later you will obtain the very good performance in the search engine.

keyword density is just a standard, we will certainly be launched around the website main keywords or long tail word in the process of writing, but not too concerned about keyword density nature writing is good, too high keyword density but will cause love Shanghai have suspected of cheating on the site, the appropriate time can be the main keywords into its synonyms, synonyms for writing, our purpose is the best natural.

fourth: "update frequency for different stations, not too tangled.

second: the keyword density is actually not necessary too care about.

The main site of several optimization goals by

love Shanghai URL optimization is definitely a need to pay attention to the details, Chinese website the best use of Chinese pinyin or English, the use of dedecms generally set up can automatically generate static URL, here the author suggested that URL had better not too long, too long in the search results display is not complete, it will cause for spiders URL grab the bottleneck, and URL must do static processing, static URL is easier to search engines.

third: anchor text should not single, diversification is the most effective

: first note website URL the best static processing length.

I think the website anchor text either outside the station or station, must be diversified as the basis, a large number of single anchor text, the site is down right is inevitable, because the optimization of all natural love Shanghai is the best, in the anchor text such as the main site do Lantian jade, but whether it is the hair of the chain or the soft article submission process can release the Lantian jade price, Lantian jade, Lantian jade bracelet and so on auxiliary words, diversification is this operation to comply with the principle of natural love Shanghai in the appropriate recommendation.

I think the website update frequency is related to the type of website and industry or the like you do is similar to the webmaster nets such information site, every day must update the high quality of the original article, this is a must, but if you are a business station, the product is relatively simple, not competitive keywords very intense, can be updated weekly or monthly, but must be a fixed update frequency, because the search engine spiders to attract good frequency stability, both the acceleration and training weights are included in this article is the be of great advantage.

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