Get ten tips of the chain

from the final results, the quality of the chain was feeble, even higher than the quiz platform. But under the premise of this article is quite good. If a garbage article or pure advertising articles, even portal platform are not made up, of course, can be sent to the Forum blog, but it is not feeble, is purely written advertisements. Although the soft text is very high to the quality requirements, but the final effect is allow all doubt. Each article will be reprinted, even there are a lot of possibilities of a portal reproduced, the better the soft platform such as iResearch, A5 and so on, can get unexpected results.

If one

with the high quality of the chain: the text

on the quality of the chain, personally think that the inquiry platform should be free chain, one of the highest quality, therefore I also one of the most recommended way to get the chain. Because in addition to get outside the chain, through a lot of question answering information, can bring a good reputation for the website, improve website brand value. And a question and answer, release convenient, effect to a certain extent, even comparable to the news portals posted. The Q & a platform fire have the question and answer, love Shanghai know, Search ask, are more suitable for operation. Release love Shanghai know, more attention should be paid to the strength, a one-time release too much, easy to fall in love with the sea found cheating, direct K off.

partners, Links exchange

with your partner, or the weight of similar site exchange links, can get good value chain. But in exchange links, must ensure that their site has a certain weight, only in this way can the other war most willing to exchange links with you. Of course there are exceptions, such as your partner, can not consider the weight and other aspects of the exchange links with you, the key is to see your good or bad character. In addition Links can also buy, one-way Links, can get a higher weight effect.

directory, social bookmarking

is very old, but has been very useful. Submit their website to DMOZ- open directory or other free directory, the directory of the general audit cycle is relatively long, but can be assigned weights is very high, but the effect is very good. Also can go to love Shanghai collection, YAHOO search.

believes that for the webmaster, the chain should be the priority among priorities. As the saying goes, the wine also afraid of deep alley, outside chain, is to let you get a better position in the search engine promotion, make your site more people see, how much of a site outside the chain so seems determines the success or failure. The way to get outside the chain there are many, there are regular, there are violations of the. The sesame written here, for all of the regular channels of the chain, want to learn the black hat, can make a detour.

high quality free chain: inquiry platform