The website again hit down the right boundary line where optimization


. It can use a simple example to prove. A Shanghai dragon blog, keep the original content, updated regularly (day, Zhou Yike), with a simple zblog or WP, a short time can do the seconds. We observed several times in the Shanghai dragon game, can be found, the most of my friends get in as little blog. If you want to get more proof, you can study sites, why many large websites will join blogs, forums, quizzes, comments and so on a series of applications, in addition to obtain user interaction, these programs will bring a lot of original content, the first page of sina, the NetEase will recommend a home screen blog article, the original post is the motive power of the site. To the careful update original articles website, search engines will be of special care, improve your weight, and improve the site long tail traffic, the Moonlight blog is from the long tail keywords per each blog >

yesterday morning, another site encountered right down the crisis, though not to love Shanghai weekly update time, but obviously, all the page keywords ranking disappeared, after most of the long tail keywords to trinidad. Although not all the feathers, but the results for the optimization of two months to cast to the wind. The reason know that, recently bought the station link multiple sites, from Yahoo chain statistics, just a week, the Yahoo chain from the previous more than 200 to thirty thousand. This growth rate, in addition to buy links. Through this event is not one or two times, each time after suffering always sigh, why some people cheat, lack of Chen Chen ranking climb, what is the reason? This "Shanghai Dragon Master" always speak obscure say: our grasp degree is very good, as long as you know the search engine, you can easily good ranking. Always have this kind of experience, but also Shouyang, want to try this where.

from the initial station, considering the long-term

2. is the original vitality of the website


search engine taboo thing, their own experience, this website in a short period of time, the influence of the rankings are not too big. The website structure does not change, just a week, the snapshot can be more rhythm. To do this, keep a common heart webmaster, absolutely can do great. This is also the lack of many novice webmaster.


different optimization strategies to different site planning. This is one of the most important points you want to make a site, what. If you want to move the regular station development, you are now a little cheating, will be for the future foreshadowed. The follow-up work to how to remedy, because before the fault will pay more. If I were K website now, will directly give up the domain name, or to recover, well they have a few months, there have not improved in time are more likely to be K, you should understand this truth.

Many important content for the website is