The site is K or drop right to recover

this thing www.chong Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 this station also appeared online for a few days, the home page is K, only the page, and the article or the second, general of the new station, most of them are excessive optimization, now many of my friends do not understand the optimization, optimization is very superficial, Chong in Shanghai dragon "why do you stand in the home not only charge a page?" article parsed by K home page, a lot of things under the condition of website keyword density is too high, the chain increased and no law is not widespread, some friends of the station only a few article, are thousands of outside chain, optimization so, in a website is the keyword density, a very long time when Chong Shanghai dragon do not have noticed, metonymy is doing product and area, it is easy to show, Chong Shanghai Longfeng easily For example, such as the blog qunfa, qunfa forum, classified information qunfa, may the words you do indeed there is no high density, but careful analysis, site of the qunfa keyword density will be high, the webmaster can add Xiutuo words, try to maintain the home cosmetics density is too low.


, the home page is K, the inside pages as usual included web site keywords ranking


this month 26 days and 27 day, in the customer service group heard a lot of friends in the website by K, some friends have been doing the normal station, has been using formal techniques in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, can be said to lie in Qiang, Chong see many friends in Shanghai dragon group said K is from customer service one station, basically 2 things are the most common, is just a page was K, the inside pages still included, the two is only a home page, a page is not included; two days meet this situation, how to recover? Chong today to the next Shanghai dragon

two, K left home page is the

if the home page is K, then check the website keyword density and the chain, and the H tag and bold disposition, the chain is mainly to ensure the diversity of the chain, the Chong Shanghai Dragon said a lot of times, not always just a web site keywords and links to the home page. Change the site keywords and do the inside pages link. For home K, the webmaster bar on top of the things are disposed of, write original articles, go under the soft, it will adhere to the back.

is down the right, if not to take measures, then there will be K, this thing is the substance of common readability is not high, repeat content too much, not exposed and a referral page or a related articles and etc., make love Shanghai spider formicate the second is less; the site structure and layout not reasonable, in addition is the robots file settings is not incorrect. The solution is to write the original myself, really can not do false original.