There is no free lunch in Shanghai Longfeng should grasp the direction of learning

As for how to strengthen our

for my personal experience, perhaps now there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng ER as I think, not what Shanghai Dragon technology knowledge, slowly, to find some of the same industry exchanges can fix, in fact.

with the development of the Internet, the Shanghai dragon has become a hot industry, engaged in more and more people engaged in this industry for early friends, have stepped up, do you Ren than just entered the industry and for some people, it is not so easy, because now the competition more and more people think, now learning Shanghai dragon of the most important points, one is the foundation, two is no confidence, based friends, now want to through self-study can not be so easy, although a lot of knowledge can be found in books and on the Internet, but we found that the said network now. There are many misunderstandings, and we all know. The search engine changes all the time, a lot of things it is not on the network said, so if it is not the basis for learning the industry would be difficult; another point is to have confidence in yourself, confidence is slowly through the understanding of the Shanghai dragon, not born to it. Only, have confidence in the industry, to be able to continue to pay unremittingly.

technology, is a very difficult place, because of his deep feelings, he was in 2010 to contact Shanghai dragon, was also the first from the utterly ignorant of the knowledge, recently started slowly, although there is a team in the studio, but found that they are all busy all the time, not what to teach me, he is very hard to tell the truth, it is forced, because just out of a society, no contacts, no two, where they have been dumped, except to those factories do toil, he did not feel what the future, so long as the crustily skin of head, every day to see the document, see video, listen to the tape, slowly for a Shanghai Longfeng conceptual understanding, coupled with the studio orders this page, the opportunity to exercise more and more, the operation is more. Have a deeper understanding of Shanghai dragon, plus some of the same industry every webmaster, exchange, discuss.

was probably about a year’s time, feel the Shanghai dragon skills should be very good, so for their own development, in June this year, out of the studio, full of confidence to find a promising Shanghai dragon company, found that when applying for, he is 1.5 barrels of water of Shanghai dragon Er, where it was abandoned, because where less contact connections are less, the experience and technology did not imagine that the fiery innocent to write a resume, Shanghai dragon do not know how to write, this time just know the so-called Shanghai dragon is not his imagination of so simple. So I went to reduce, the goal is not to make money, still learning technology and experience in the first place, it let me join the company, have the opportunity to meet more challenges.