Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon webmaster Shanghai dragon of the gospel

1, this is the official launch of the "love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng suggestions". If a site of the Shanghai dragon score is very high, and the other also do well, then it should be relatively get a better ranking. Otherwise, the love of Shanghai is a stepping stone, so, according to the "Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon" to modify their own website is certainly helpful, ranking under normal circumstances should be increased.

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2, "Shanghai dragon" provides a few suggestions are more basic. If a web site should be bigger and stronger, this point is not enough, so they can not be too sure of Shanghai dragon make these points, ranking will be rising rapidly, even go home. So are Shanghai Longfeng do this several basic outside, also should insist on, continue to improve their own website, this website ranking to steady growth, step by step to achieve their expectations.

data "Shanghai dragon" behind this function directly from the love of Shanghai unique database, launched by the Shanghai love statistical integration, will provide 360 of the website of Shanghai Longfeng examination and optimization suggestions for the problems the webmaster. This is the love of Shanghai to promote the domestic development of the Internet industry, but also an important measure to help small and medium-sized site growth.

in my opinion, love Shanghai "Shanghai dragon" from the 6 aspects of the website of Shanghai dragon to score, there is some help for us a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers, but limited.

"Shanghai dragon proposal" to conduct a comprehensive examination on the website of Shanghai Longfeng level from 6 aspects. 1, URL with the longest length length: love Shanghai URL (less than 255byte); 2, the static page parameters: whether the dynamic parameters used in the static page (will cause spider times and repeated crawl) 3, Meta; the degree of perfection of information: whether the lack of keywords and description meta tag (which may have a certain impact on the show and ranking "); 4, Frame information: the presence of the frame/frameset/iframe label (frame will lead to the capture of spider love Shanghai love Shanghai is difficult, it is recommended that you avoid using); 5, flash text: whether flash have written (adding description of the flash file allows a better understanding of love in Shanghai you provide"); 6, picture Alt information: whether there is no ALT information img tag (adding this information can make your page more easily retrieved).

Shanghai dragon as an important method of network promotion, has long been the focus of attention of the webmaster, although love Shanghai Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, more space.

love Shanghai official statistics released a new function: "Shanghai dragon", this is a major update, have epoch-making significance