Love Shanghai snapshot secret

start network that love Shanghai snapshot with the ranking is not directly related, but there is no love Shanghai snapshot, how should we work? So we must analysis, and no home page snapshot snapshot reason, solve the problem why we only know the right medicine to be better:

2003-02-21 is a snapshot and ranking is very good. An unborn domain will have a snapshot, a web page can also be unwarranted? Do Baidu play through? Snapshot? Can it back that far? Love Shanghai database is a problem or difficult? Really! I observe it for two days, thought it a few days to rank estimation disappeared, but did not expect did not fall but rise to second.


website at the outset defined title and keywords and description, if the three word is a label repeatedly modified Shanghai dragon optimization taboo, to understand Shanghai Longfeng rules, I believe that many in Shanghai Longfeng people all know, but some beginners do not understand, love over the three label. Modify myself, three labels is the best website domain name submitted to love Shanghai have a molding, molding around the keywords do well in the station optimization, repeated changes will inevitably lead to cause snapshot or snapshot to K.

people in Shanghai Longfeng specialist estimates have tried new snapshot not update has retained a snapshot of Shanghai signs of love, some old snapshots are N years ago, the snapshot has not updated stay not before, but the strange thing is ranked in the home page, this kind of queer enough to prove this snapshot what is a kind of mechanism, the mechanism of which is of no great importance to love Shanghai for a spider evidence of your site, that it came to your site, so webmaster at ease, continue to optimize the work. Strange love Shanghai meet the eye everywhere can be said to be everywhere, seriously think about starting the network before encountered such a strange phenomenon, before the fire water purifier for a period of time, I start the network in Shanghai city of Shanghai dragon love search "water purifier" this keyword, found a super cheating phenomenon.

love Shanghai snapshot has been a mystery who is allowed to catch it with ideas, never play by the rules, too many of these examples prove that love Shanghai really strange.

must first check the website content is not all collected, duplicate content released too much? Many webmaster said here are love copy and paste the content of others, before starting network in the A5 Adsense nets published this article you can look at the "love of the copy and paste the webmaster and some words" in Shanghai Longfeng workers here start network optimization is not described in detail, if there are too many duplicate content, which may be caused by the snapshot and snapshot to K one of the reasons.

in addition to the above two points and one point is more important is the site optimization excessive, excessive optimization will be in love with the sea as a technique of cheating, such as keyword stack, this is obviously.