Once the financing of hundreds of millions of dollars the world’s largest independent music platform

but further financing requires investor confidence in SoundCloud, while the company’s own employees have been discouraged. When asked about the morale of the rest of the team, an anonymous employee said, "it’s awful. It’s dead.". As far as I know, some people who have not been cut are ready to quit. The people who left behind began to find ways for themselves. Where comes the mind, talking about morale?."

headquarters in Berlin, is located in the office of diffuse sense of foreboding around the world at SoundCloud conference room, the company staff found that the meeting did not want to answer them. On the contrary, the insider, founder of Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss that allow the company to survive layoffs only "fourth quarter" — only more than 50 days.

wanted to know why they didn’t receive prior notice, while the remaining employees wanted to make sure the cost cuts would keep the company running for the long term.

All the staff during the video conference broadcast


note: SoundCloud, a maker of consumer streaming music services, held a full staff meeting yesterday to explain in detail the reason why employees were suddenly laid off 40% last week. After the meeting, the atmosphere of unrest spread within the company.

The team members who left

, we tried to contact Ljung and SoundCloud, and the company’s public relations team again referenced Ljung’s blog post as a response. However, in front of the leaked full conference information, SoundCloud’s PR team admitted: "we have enough money to support us in the fourth quarter, at the same time, they also said that the company is working with potential investors exchange.

seems inconsistent with the statement given by Ljung when the layoffs were made, Ljung said in a statement: "given more attention and consideration for long-term development, we have to make this difficult decision."." But the company has never mentioned how long its funds will keep the company running.

, another employee from another office, described the full meeting as "a shit show," he said. "I don’t believe those people will stay in the company.". A man of ability will soon be exposed. Eric also talks about what SoundCloud is about, and then everyone laughs. "You just drove 173 people out of the house and then turned around and you talked to us about family?"

The fact that

SoundCloud has a very special product in the field of streaming music, mainly due to the user’s self-made songs uploaded by amateur and semi professional musicians. This section includes unofficial mixes and DJ, etc.

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made a specification or standard is not timely, not perfect, it has become a major bottleneck restricting the development of IPTV. Huang Tiejun said that with the development of IPTV, there will be a number of manufacturers producing set-top boxes, content services providers will also be more than one. "But because IPTV hasn’t established standards, my set-top boxes can only support what I’ve provided, and that’s obviously not going to work."