Shanghai dragon needs continuous innovation in order to survive

two, found the new ranking algorithm to practice

three, all control capabilities, a degree is

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this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er lack of things, do a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of a friend is just one of follow the prescribed order, they believe that as long as if things go on like this to keep going, then the day will "touched" love Shanghai but his site to row to the first page. Even if they are in the mechanical work and found some new methods may affect the site’s ranking, but did not dare to practice. In fact, this is a sign of weakness, the search engine algorithm is changing all the time, if just blindly follow the prescribed order, then a search engine is out of the grass may be you. Only to find not the same details from the optimization process, and then implement it, and always with the spirit of innovation, it can withstand the baptism of every search engine.



love Shanghai search optimization guide which has been clear to us that Shanghai dragon Er pointed out that the Shanghai Phoenix to focus on the user experience, should from the content quality of the site above to proceed, these are clear that love Shanghai is very care about the user experience. So our website is not conducive to any user experience are back in the opposite direction, will eventually be mercilessly shot dead on the beach. So if every move we are standing in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, it is undoubtedly the search engine is very popular, so your website ranking will be very stable, will not be in love with Shanghai "update" hit.

Shanghai Dragon technology along with the continuous adjustment of search engine every time algorithm and the constant change, if every one of us in Shanghai dragon Er follow the prescribed order has always thought of going every day, keep a copy of the article published, and then tried to do outside the chain, this kind of day by day, a large number of repeated work for a long time, so we must feel boring. Many Shanghai dragon Er have joked he was IT with migrant workers, so poor wages, day and night work, but also to see the search engine’s face, if one day the search engine a cramp, a purge, may own several months of effort are cast to waste…… I believe a lot of friends in Shanghai dragon will have the same feeling with me. So in the end what is the reason for this result we? It is clear that everyone in the mechanical repetition of the same work, never care about the search engine algorithm and change the user’s own experience, resulting in every major update to our heart pined away. So we need to be under constant innovation to succeed today, love the stars to discuss innovative ideas of Shanghai dragon.

, an understanding of user needs, it is important to capture the details of