Teach you how to play the most incisive site outside the chain

or Shanghai Longfeng circles of the old saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor. The station optimization only systematic operation, and the station optimization is infinite, the chain for the emperor of the era, society and efficient construction of the chain will make your website ranking rising, shirupozhu. The so-called Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon and Six Meridian Swords if a magic, can see the unique martial arts, you can also dominate the dream, Shanghai dragon world! You will not worry about the foreign chain construction, aiming at the difficulty in the following three key words to explain, teach you how to put the chain play incisively.

medium competition keywords, should pay attention to the chain of correlation, extensive and high quality, if you do is unable to supply the words, you should go to some related websites and online sources outside the chain, the chain related websites than unrelated is much higher in quality. But if it is sensitive to the special words, such as SF website, the chain is generally not good, easy to be removed, can ignore the chain of correlation, for chain wide and high quality, learn from each other. Outside chain release should be planned to carry and use the chain multiplication method, such as the first batch of the chain today in ten webmaster forums, each forum issued a three article, "


, a popular keyword optimization


is popular keywords, as long as more competitive sites according to the chain based on it, the other outside the chain which follow their own hair, generally unpopular keyword site outside the chain is not too wide, so we go to track the other side chain place and released the chain and not tired. In the optimization of other factors, as long as this is done, the website ranking and the competition is not much difference between, need to do is to beat the competition, then the chain will surpass competitors (crap), then we send the chain efficiency principle is. You can choose some well-known webmaster forums, like A5, Chinese webmaster, behind and so on, the weight of these sites are very high, whether it is the signature of the chain or body left outside the chain has a certain quality, and reprint articles will also be included, then we can also take the original copy to the province, the article not pseudo original, read it through, changes are not a problem, read on and a bit of knowledge on the line, in the end to leave your links, the high quality of the chain 1 can get on top of the 10, every time a forum on each altar three. Find ten eight forum almost, not need to pay attention to the wrong section, if the original area you are copying others article in the hair will be deleted, did not discuss. There is a chain of classified information website and quiz site outside the chain, the chain of the two sites have great advantages: master the high weight, outbound links less, and by a large number of sites included fast acquisition, prone, not easy to delete.

do the above, for the chain optimization is not popular keywords what problem.


two, moderate competitionThe optimization of the chain