Take Shanghai dragon behind the brand is preferred

can be found, successful business website, the website value is very popular. A brand website, if there is no value of the wizard, the first can not obtain the trust of customers, and how to let the user support! Valuable content or products show, must seize the user’s psychological, but also to continuously adhere to launch. Valuable content website itself on the industry or business products have their own opinion, or may have no idea of its value. Users love a website is more attracted by its content, valuable content to seize the user’s heart, attractive and more conducive to product introduction into sales. Provide some and site theme related valuable content is.


search engine, the pattern of love in Shanghai will not change, the content has become the core of the core, the chain is important but its role has been weakened and compared to before. Especially the love of Shanghai outside the chain of tools is more practical, but not mature enough. Why in Shanghai large area update, many stations are K or drop right down, it is because the brand is not strong enough, not a large number of audience support. Why there are a lot of the station is still safe and sound, because of the strong support of the user, and the site to rely on search engines is not so strong. Not only that, in the minds of users, the brand has stopped in their hearts.

content or products with value

so, we now need to consider the core of Shanghai dragon should also be changed, this change is to establish the brand in the network. Of course, a brand can be successful, can not for a long time, and this site value is directly related to the. This can be a brand name Chinese, can also be a registered trademark, but also is a website like hao123. When the Shanghai dragon slowly to brand focus, Shanghai dragon also slowly began to spread the influence of network. When the first brand gradually entered Shanghai dragon eyes, how can we better make the website brand

site information highlighting the brand

site information contains the title, description, logo, breadcrumb navigation and the bottom part of the copyright, before many Shanghai Longfeng examples, and found a lot of people are very focused on brand keywords, more is the accumulation of some target keywords, in the region is also not very good brand word. Now most of the search results, there are target keywords, can not see the brand keywords, users naturally not only to remember the website, one click. Although it may be with some brand word description, but the effect is not so eye-catching title, we must emphasize the brand in the title. In addition to the page title, the other page must compose the brand word, not a lot of words. For the bread crumbs navigation, logo and bottom information also need to emphasize the brand word, this is not too optimization. Look at the love of Shanghai is how to do, see.

In the face of today’s