Zhang Fan how to determine the target site and the Shanghai dragon strategy


can be controlled.


generally refers to the target user, the user is also the specific things to do or are doing. Whether users to download or print statements, orders, purchase products or fill in the relevant information, these are the specific user behavior. Today also increased the number of traffic, improve the conversion rate of the number of these, although we make money in order to better target, but can not be used to guide the practice of the target site.

often some webmaster, or do people, heart is really thinking about making money, but did not stand to the user’s point of view, some webmaster even more exaggerated, the site was the value of mobile phone sales are thousands of yuan, the result set for online direct sales, this is completely let users in any further to understand the situation, make a decision to buy mobile phone. Goods more than three pupils are aware of this truth I believe, and this doesn’t accord with the actual set of things, Taobao’s small businesses and even a few dollars now, you can ask specific circumstances by adding QQ contact. Don’t let users buy, or act as a burden, the passage of this must be your user.

network marketing and traditional sales comparison, the marketing effect can control and analysis has become one of the biggest advantage, improve their way through the analysis, can even change the goal of the website. The webmaster is through the website, are a way to guide users, such as user login, watch what products, understand what product use, and further understand the price of the product and so on, these are available in the website backstage or server log file to view data. Conventional marketing, users get to your store or stores, it is need to see what products to view the product to what extent, we are all out of control.

clear goal is often easier said than done, because when you don’t encounter a problem, "

is a new week, as Shanghai Longfeng US website has been on track, basically every day will give a new snapshot, ranking in our small team effort, constantly improve, can now say the mood to eat the honey as sweet, but happy more than, we still need to calm down, think about how we should determine the goal of the website and the strategy of Shanghai dragon. In the original article also described, what is the Shanghai dragon, why do Shanghai dragon. But often do Shanghai dragon people, due to mechanical work and forget the goal of the website, some Adsense might make money ah, this is our goal, of course, this is our ultimate goal, but how to make the website to earn money is what we need to examine the issue, how to determine the target site below I some of my personal views.

.The four specific goals. A practical

three specific