The interpretation of the importance of brand awareness from the search results

as shown above, we can see the entries in a short introduction (about 100 words) consists of the anchor text of article six. We know that when the content of building on the site, want to let search engine and users more in-depth access to our site, we need this in the form of a chain. Generally think for the number of search engine friendly is an article within five. The reason is that we know the chain can transfer weight to the other target page, and if too much will the number of chain we a page to the weight of the dispersion, reducing the internal chain effect, so we need to control the number of. Why can control the wrong number encyclopedia? Cause I believe that in addition to love Shanghai because Wikipedia is open for editing, editing not formal restrictions on its user. The more important reason is that the anchor text is related, users interested in the content, but also love Shanghai encyclopedia weight is high, do not have to worry about the weight of the dispersion.

webmaster friends see the search results will encounter doubt, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the strong, we are doomed to be unable to go beyond. In fact, in the screenshot above we can see. In the first place there is a real target site, why? Because this site has formed its own brand, the brand has too many people search, the website search needs you, naturally this website will be placed in the first position. We can slightly search their familiar brands, such as home owners, Shanghai dragon why search and so on. You will find that the general is ranked first in the I >


for an ordinary webmaster, I think a lot of people who are the same with the author, often only concerned about their site ranking in the search results, but ignore the analysis for search results. In fact, many website operators ideas hidden in search results. The author will through a detail analysis for the search results to talk about the importance of brand awareness of the site.

we can noticed in Shanghai love the search results page, usually the top three search results can be seen in Shanghai love their products information. One of the most common to the Shanghai encyclopedia to love. So we have to ask: "the Shanghai Encyclopedia of Love Seekers really useful? Valuable? It is really better than our website for user friendly?" here I still love to give Shanghai an affirmative answer to the encyclopedia. Because the same Google can get good rankings, as shown below.


shown above are ranking love Shanghai and Google in the relevant keywords, we can see the love of Shanghai is in the second position. So what is love Shanghai Encyclopedia of "capital" can get such a good rankings? We see Wikipedia content into.