The website so hi Flow rate increase to ten times the secret

in the past, almost all of them use the Internet computer, but now? The Internet using a mobile device user group, much higher than the PC, we see a group of past data:

when you feel desperate, this article can be a new idea for you, you are very hard to do, but why not the result? It is for these reasons.


first, we have to solve a foreshadowing in the preceding paragraph, why ranking rising, traffic is more and more low? With two words to answer is the most appropriate shunt. The site is to be diverted out of it? If you read the information below, and to make use of it, are not difficult to enhance the flow of ten times.


just 2 years of domestic mobile active equipment increased by nearly 5 hundred million, I think you’re sitting there is little empathy: with the increasing number of mobile phone shopping, using mobile phone search information frequency is more and more high, deliberately open computer access to information are not many people. Your site or just for PC to optimize the station? There are a large number of sites only because of the mobile processing improve the flow increased 10 times, even if it is not physical.

: a shunt

three: shunt

website can say is: old users visit again, any website if only one-time consumables, the big portal also can not afford to consume. Normal circumstances: if the site do well enough to direct traffic to be superimposed and rising. If there were a result of this, can only explain a problem: the user flow you by other websites diversion! Now the site so much, various industries, we can write down the website also had a few, do not good enough, and not a reason.

Direct access to

two: direct access to the flow of

do so long, why traffic is always not be promoted? Even ranking rising, traffic is more and more low, such sites to meet the eye everywhere. In fact, an era, a corresponding product, with the old thinking of the Internet, to take the old road, could not keep up the pace of this era. Do you know that? Some website traffic has now lifted ten times, and the reason is you are still marking time

website ranking, more than 95% website now is simply doing the "love Shanghai" rankings, rarely specifically to 360, what concern Sogou, this type of search engine, and even disdain, because the love of Shanghai occupies the largest share of the search. But you know what? There are some sites, it is because the use value of this "small engine", can IP on tens of thousands of. Why is this? Even if only 10% of a share of the engine, but the strong user base, this volume is terrible.


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