The operation steps and techniques of blog and forum sprocket

, a registered forum / blog, improve the information

then improve blog / forum data here, more noteworthy is the name of the title of the best blog / forum with personality, avoid repetition, love Shanghai spider is Xixinyanjiu guy, for the new title included faster. Then in the corresponding blog / forum released associated with their title / introduction of the post title post, through this operation can make the blog / forum as indexed by search engines. If the forum can set signature that can be set with the keywords of the anchor text signature.

first in the blog / forum registration of multiple members (depending on individual ability, determine the number of) I personally recommend Sina and Sohu blog blog and blog, because the higher the weight of these master blog, love Shanghai spider grab frequency is relatively frequent, issued here to post included and promotion.

three, making "wheels", the sprocket is stronger and bigger.

blog / forum can have data to improve the operation of the new blog, blog / forum users often get the forum’s favor, so we have to take this step in the search engine spiders taste buds, love food, regularly update the original high, high off the post, so as to improve the blog the Forum / weight and popularity, improve the spider to our blog / forum crawl frequency. When our blog / forum can do an article search engine seconds of the situation, we can consider the next step.

how can the website weight and keywords ranking synchronous lifting, the two complement each other to do? When it comes to this issue, I believe that many owners think the first is the promotion, through the promotion of soft paper, can not only bring direct traffic to the site, also can through the transfer and sharing of the high quality of the chain for laying the site, but the soft Wen promotion to the webmaster knowledge experience and writing ability have certain requirements, so a lot of people will choose to use blog and BBS website promotion. But direct write blogs and forums for promotion in the ordinary way, often cannot achieve the webmaster want, then is there a special way to write blogs? Of course! Here is to introduce a method introduced from abroad the sprocket sprocket, is not a new way, the veterans have been able to use the sprocket was very skilled, so here for the first time to contact the person or had contact with the sprocket sprocket but the use of improper guidance and analysis without the effect of the people. The principle is the chain search engine into the blog, can continue to put into circulation in the promotion of the website spider inside multiple blogs, so as to improve the site exposure rate. For the first time to contact the people is very strange, I only briefly introduced here is to share with you some steps and techniques of sprocket.

two, a blog / forum / blog forum, improve the weight and the popularity of