Website optimization ranking three months why has not fluctuation

is a large part of the search engine to give up the reason is caused by the link website, also known as the site of the external links, one is the website of the external hyperlink too much; on the other hand is the site of the external links is not stable; again is the site of the friendship link when there is K phenomenon. We conclude that for a long time in website rankings when you can from these three aspects to find the reasons, if it is because of these three aspects, so our solution is not very difficult.

first of all we have to do is to gradually remove excessive external, such as many forums are now can keep the signature with anchor text links, may we in line on the website of the link anchor text to do a lot, but once found the site’s ranking for more than a week without fluctuation, the first thing it is to analyze the external anchor text links is too much, if it is the first thing the anchor text links too much so we have to do is to gradually withdraw the anchor text links, of course, the revocation of the anchor text link is not to call you a few days to set up, but there is a transition period for example, the external anchor text links you to 2000, then we can be divided into 40 days to cancel, cancel dozens a day, remember that a day will withdraw all anchor text links The case occurred.

website ranking motionless for a long time is likely to be caused by excessive site optimization, because of excessive optimization site led to the website did not have a good position in the search engine, the site for a long period of time will not be like the search engine, in the face of this situation as a webmaster to site is not reason analysis search engines like, what the reason is because the site because of excessive optimization and lost the search engine trust? What do we do? These are the webmaster must dig the knowledge.

on-line from the website to have the past three months, in three months I was updated every day, insist on the chain, but the ranking of the site from the beginning of the seventeenth included after it has been firmly fixed, whether to update the website not, no matter how to do the chain, the site has been one of the major real, in the face of this situation I am confused, so a lot of optimization expert consultation, until today, I finally understand why website ranking motionless, below I share these days experience, hope can help to other webmaster friends.

if our website is because of excessive fluctuations caused by external links, then the face of this situation we should take measures to reduce is the low quality of the link is established, the chain is actually the phenomenon of excessive fluctuations in the external links it is to use the bulk machine or machine to do blog, this time in the chain the beginning is very useful, but when love Shanghai when to update the web site to find web site outside of the chain of all garbage outside the chain and not related to the chain, this time outside the chain of cleaning, the website of the chain in the case of a click only select site > stop

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