For the website ranking drop you at a loss what to do

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if the space is normal, no other malicious attacks. The reasons for the decline or more from the human operation, whether the operation is good or bad will make the website floating.

these are from external causes, first of all we have to control their own website to the investigation is not because of these external attacks. For the web server space, to see whether or not to visit every two or three days, open very slowly. This is a direct impact on the site included and ranking.

website ranking drop or even drop right, it is just one of the whole process in the severity of punishment, just say nothing. How to understand? For example, the same problem may A website a week to open B website, a month can not open. It is possible for the B website ranking also did not fall, this is because the B of the site as a whole a credit score is higher than A. Here is what factors affect the site ranking.

in the test server, space, can be used to capture diagnostic love Shanghai webmaster tools platform. If the server is not stable enough, when it is submitted to the URL will grab the failure. We look at the index, if the index decline is very large, so it directly influence the website included, and website ranking will be unstable.

for example some buddy love frequent changes to the site of the title, this is very dangerous. The title was changed again, is to be very careful. Even said that the title of frequent changes, this website is particularly easy to fall right.


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website will have a lot of dead link, why dust.


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The stability of 4. servers, space

website ranking drop solution is diversity, not a single method for all decline in the rankings. Because the influence of site ranking is a lot, only to find their own problems can be an antidote against the disease. All want to develop effective solutions, we must first clear the factors which affect the ranking. For some factors that are traceable to how to operate.

3. pan analytical

content, either change the title or content will affect a relationship between the site and the matching degree. Some students often see their website not included, want to change the title. In fact, you have to think, not included not representative search engines do not have to crawl. You see now is not included, probably just haven’t put out just grabbed.

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