Do a good station Shanghai dragon should do er

following on from the three aspects in detail about a good station Shanghai dragon should do.

we all know Shanghai dragon is divided into the station outside Shanghai station Shanghai dragon dragon.

B. website layout.


to the website of the content, so the spider can love Shanghai on time to collect, visitors will find the site that is fresh, time can browse to different things, of course, it must have a basis, is your server must be stable. Or in the browser when you think of the site on the condition of every two or three days not open, I think even the love you can’t go to the website.

including keywords, internal links to sites such as the plate layout. First of all, the website of the internal links as far as possible without image and FLASH links. It is best to use text links, and the definition of global unified link position. The >

is also a web site also need to have a clear site structure, time for other people to view your web site there is a feeling of orderly, visitors can bring a relaxed mood, do not seem to have made people dazzled, out of order. Good clothes plus good environment you can consciously give this store a good score. Do you go shopping when you buy clothes in this shop will come again next time, so how to make customers often patronize this store? This requires the store thing to always be changed into something new, different styles of clothes. But when the customer wants to buy in the store to buy clothes. Of course, this also requires the store’s clothes have quality assurance, and service attitude, the credibility of a certain guarantee. This is not to be regular in the shop now, so you want to let others often visit the website you need to update the content of the website constantly. The visitors will find each visit, in order to obtain new information.

A. website freshness.

should do?

today we use an example to small talk station Shanghai dragon. I think that a website is popular and a clothing store is popular is the same reason. A clothing store in the first time we usually pay attention to shopping is of course the clothes, including style ah, what the quality. This is equivalent to the content of a web site. The content of a web site for high quality, as long as the contents inside to attract you, will see for a while, then you will see the shop layout, including decorative impression and so on. It is a good thing to foil, so as to be more prominent this grade. Imagine a mink coat in the street to sell what

most of this article is to do the Shanghai dragon, has just begun to do Shanghai Longfeng grassroots webmaster, also have the whole day walk in the site of the Shanghai dragon elite. Whether it is grassroots or elite, you understand something about Shanghai dragon should have more or less, do you think is a good site of Shanghai dragon