How to improve the quality of Shanghai Longfeng original content from life

often have a lot of Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster in >

see in micro-blog today, Mo Yan’s speech "storyteller", feeling quite, this is the wisdom of life, regardless of occupation, regardless of gender, regardless of the situation, we are interested can take a look. A lot of personal feelings, especially his mother’s love, his wisdom comes from life, but to think of it yesterday but wrote the chain plans his friends after the reaction. Many people say: are you crazy? How to feel very strange, how can it be called crazy? To be honest but really didn’t want to know how the original chain plan what is the relationship with the crazy, after the friend explained that they felt a day two article original horrible, especially stick to it, let alone a year, a month will collapse. Have a friend called: day ten original, next year you are Cao Guowei (poor Cao boss, lying gun, Cao boss estimated it is depressing, you do me the original Shanghai dragon Sina 10 Fen?).

the topic is a bit far, let’s get back to the original topic, such as how this article comes from what? Source after looking over the feedback idea in an article yesterday, but my friends, all the things in this world are inextricably linked, not found? The connection, we want to develop the topic, and expand it into content through thinking, through the text will show you the content, is not our original? Say a little broad, we work every day, have not encountered the same problem, notice that every day your site will have the new changes, these new changes, what do you think is more important, which may have a profound effect on the keywords ranking, what can bring you to your customers or potential customers What may be, your potential customers into real customers you. Observation, thinking, experiment, demonstration, all in all, is not a good topic

may do a short time in the Shanghai dragon friends, long original is a very dangerous thing, ideas come from, the topic come from, how to start a topic with creativity, how will these things into meaningful content, quality content, I’m afraid most of Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster concerns are derived from this. Wisdom comes from life, Shanghai Longfeng original topic also originates from the life, of course, a part of our work and life, many people have to work, obviously, it is easy to cause the work to dawdle, muddle along, Hanhao bird story know we still remember? Because the focus so, love, only the real work, you will taste the passions at work, people complain that work only worry, you never really worked. Of course, different people, different character, suitable job is different, but then again, who had never really chop and change, the people will never find really suitable for their work.